Amazing Deal At A Rare Leopard Hunting Opportunity

My outfitter has a acquired a rare take for one mature Leopard in the Waterberg Park in Namibia. There is a chance in the area to take a true monster, the park has an extremely large population of cats and hunting pressure has been nearly zero for the past few years.

The outfitter is a very well known and accomplished PH, guiding dangerous game hunts for many years. He is a good friend and a very accomplished PH, I would not hesitate to do this hunt personally.

Available months for this Leopard hunt are August, October and November.

The Leopard hunt is all in 14 days, pick up and return, baits, meals, lodge guide, license tag, ect.
Not included is airfare, tips, alcohol, dip/pack and shipping.

Plains game is available as will some additional quota in the park if you are interested.
The lodge is a nice comfortable lodge, but not super fancy.

The hunt is priced at $19,000 all in. Refund is $8,000 if Leopard not taken.

Please contact me for more details on this amazing deal at a rare Leopard hunting opportunity.



Coues Deer Hunt Mexico

We have a great hunting outfitter in old Mexico with a some prime areas for Coues Deer. The outfitter is hunting over 100,000 acres of privately held ranches in the chihuahua region, with exclusive access to these properties. Lodging and meals are included at a nice hacienda. He is 100% on his Coues Deer hunts and you can add a second Deer on if you would like. The outfitter uses first class gear and 4×4 vehicles for the hunt. The terrain is rough and shots can be long.

Pickup and return from the US border in Deming Arizona is included and the 5.5 day hunt with transfers and gun imports is $5,000 all in. If you wish to add a second Coues Deer the cost is $2,500 additional.

I’ll be going myself on this hunt in late December and I’m always looking for company.

Please contact me for more details on this Coues Deer hunt Mexico.



Moose Hunt Canada Saskatchewan

One of my hunting outfitter in Canada is looking for a couple hunters to fill out his Moose hunts in September. The Moose hunt is a mix of spot and stalk as well as still hunting and some calling. The 1×1 hunt is based from a nice lodge and the area has good Moose numbers. Not big Moose, average is 45-50″. But it is a quality hunt and for the price tough to beat. The hunt dates should coincide with the rut. If you’ve never hunted moose in the rut, its pretty exciting and there is nothing like a love struck 1,000 lb animal charging in for a kiss.

All in price for the 6 day hunt is $4,500 including license, food, lodge and pick up in Saskatoon. We have the last 2 weeks of September open for the hunt.

Please contact me for more details on this Moose hunt Canada Saskatchewan.



Helicopter Pig Hunts

I’m working with an outfitter in Central Texas that is running some helicopter pig hunts. They are great fun and he has lowered the price for a short time to our clients. If you have never done this before it is fantastic and here is an excellent opportunity to try it out without breaking the bank.

This may be a great trip to make during the DSC show.

Hunts are conducted Jan – March and include chopper, ammo, firearms, training class etc. The package can be split between hunters if you choose.
2 Hour Package up to 2 Hunters $4,000 Discounted to $3,000
4 Hour package up to 4 Hunters $8,000 Discounted to $6,000
6 Hour Package up to 6 Hunters $12,000 Discounted to $9,000

Not included is TX hunting license and Lodging, meals and lodge available on site $100 PP (includes adult beverages).

We are booking fast, if you are interested please let me know.

Please contact me for more details on this helicopter Pig hunts.



Antelope Hunt Fully Guided & Self Guided New Mexico

Hi Guys,

One of my hunting outfitters just called and he had some extra antelope permits come in and he would like to get them sold. These are on several ranches in northern New Mexico. Lodging is not included on these Antelope hunts, hunters stay at local motels for the hunt. Food and beverages is included on the fully guided hunts. Rifle season is 8/27-9/11 2016 you can pick any three days during the season for the hunt.

3 archery tags near Clayton NM, this ranch is an archery only area and will be hunting over waterholes. Season is 8/13-8/21, 2016. $1,800 + NM tax License is $369

3 rifle tags, 28,000 acre ranch near Capulin, We can get more tags if you have a group. Self guided $1,800 2×1 guided $2,600 plus tax and license

6 rifle tags 10,000 acre ranch near Clayton NM, Self guided $1,800 2×1 guided $2,600 plus tax and license

Please contact me for more details on this Antelope hunt fully guided and Self guided New Mexico.



Cancellation Brown Bear Hunt

Just had a client cancel their Brown Bear hunt and forfeit the deposit. The area is out of Port Alsworth, Alaska and this is a 2×1 Fall Brown Bear hunt. This is a predator control area and the state is trying to reduce Bear numbers in the area. During the 10 day hunt you are allowed to take 2 Brown Bears and 5 Black Bears, no additional trophy fees for taking extra bears. Hunters will need to fly into Anchorage then charter to camp, charter is $1,500 PP. The camp is a tented camp with cots and fresh food. Hunters should be in reasonably good shape for the trip.

Dates for the hunt are August 20-30 in 2016, these dates coincide with the salmon run and berry season.

The 10 day hunt with all Bears included is $12,500 reduced to $10,500 PP plus charter $1,500, license and tags.

Please contact me for more details on this cancellation Brown Bear hunt.



Lynx Hunt British Columbia Canada

My hunting outfitter in Canada British Columbia has a few openings for Lynx this year. They have been 100% successful for the past 3 years. The area is 2,500 square miles. This is a hound hunt. Rabbit populations have been booming the past few years and the Lynx populations are up as well. Season runs Nov 15 – Feb 15. This is a great father son hunt.

2×1 6 days $4,000 PP
1×1 6 days $5,000 PP

Prices do not include hunting license, tag and taxes.

Please contact me for more details on this Lynx hunt British Columbia Canada.




Leopard Hunt in Tanzania

One of my Tanzania hunting outfitters in the Selous has one Leopard hunt license left to sell. He is offering this Leopard hunt in Tanzania including the 21 day species as well. Available dates to start August 12 and October 25.

On license

Lion can be added for $5,000 to the outfitter plus the TF.

Air charter, to camp and return is $4,400.
The 14 day hunt is $25,000 plus Govt fees of $11,700. Making the hunt $36,700
Not included, trophy fees, alcohol, airfare, tips.

Please contact me for more details on this Leopard Hunt in Tanzania.



Axis Deer Hunt Texas

One of my ranches in Texas has a couple Axis Deer they would like to take off the ranch. The ranch is located near Leakey, Texas (pronounces lakee, for you northern guys, LOL). The ranch has very good numbers of Axis Deer. We are doing a 3 day hunt, food, lodging, trophy fee and pick up from San Antonio, TX included. The ranch is 3,000 acres with a nice lodge onsite. In addition to the Axis Deer, we have a 1,000 yd rifle range on the property we can also shoot a few pigs and varmints as well. The hunt is spot and stalk, but the biggest benefit of all is the hunt will be guided by your truly.

3 day hunt with Axis Deer trophy fee included is $3,250 pigs and varmints included,
Black Buck are available for $2,500 and female Axis Deer are $400.

Please contact me for more details on this Axis Deer hunt Texas.



Leopard Hunt Namibia

With the surge in popularity and the lack of South African tags, Leopard prices are going up fast. But, I have an outfitter in Namibia with one Leopard tag available. His 20,000 acre area borders the Waterberg park and he has a great population of big cats.

Leopard Hunting Package Includes
– Ground transportation to and from Windhoek airport roundtrip
– 12 full 1×1 hunting days (13 nights in camp)
– Government tax of 15% on daily rates
– Leopard trophy fee ($6,000 will be credited/refunded if Leopard is not taken)
– Leopard tag
– Leopard baiting and pre-hunt preparations
– Services of Professional Hunter, tracker, driver, skinner
– Four wheel drive hunting vehicle
– Hunting license
– Hunting permit
– Field preparation of trophies (skinning, salting, drying and tagging)
– Transport of trophies to local taxidermist in Namibia
– Accommodations
– Daily services of maid and laundry
– All meals including breakfast, lunch and dinner
– Activities at Osnia Hunt Namibia

Leopard Hunting Package Excludes
– Additional days may be added for $400 per day plus government tax of 15%
– Trophy fees for animals other than Leopard
– Dip pack, taxidermy and shipping of trophies
– Alcoholic beverages
– Excursions and tours
– Gratuities to camp staff

Total Price 16000-00 US$

The outfitter would like hunters to take a couple extra animals on the hunt to help offset the cost of the discounted Leopard hunt.

Please contact me for more details on this Leopard hunt Namibia.



Yukon Stone Sheep Hunt

While these hunts are never cheap, using the right guide can make an expensive hunt worthwhile. I have an outfitter in the Yukon who has one Stone Sheep hunt left for this year. and he is discounting it for our cleints.

The hunt is 14 days long in his Yukon area, fly into Whitehorse then charter to camp. This remote area has a very good population of Stone Sheep and they take some quality animals. The outfitter only takes mature rams 8.5 years old or older. This is a horseback and walking hunt, hunters need to be in shape for the hunt as well as competent on a horse.

Hunt is regularly $36,000 plus, tax license, tags, charter etc. ($3860) it has been reduced to $33,000 plus extras ($3,740).

I have two dates available for the hunt.
Arrive into camp: July 28, 2016
Start hunt: July 29, 2016
End hunt: August 19, 2016
Leave camp: August 11, 2016
Arrive into camp: August 11, 2016
Start hunt: August 12, 2016
End hunt: August 25, 2016
Leave camp: August 26, 2016

Please contact me for more details on this Yukon Stone Sheep hunt.



Whitetail Deer Hunt Canada Saskatchewan

I’ll be heading back to Canada again this year, looking to beat the 165″ Whitetail Deer I took in 2015. The outfitter has picked up some additional large hunting blocks in the area and we have some spots to fill. If you are interested in going for a big Whitetail Deer Canada Saskatchewan, just let me know. We have openings all season, but I’ll be taking a group up with me the first week of December and I’m looking for a few guys to join in.

The outfitter is hunting close to 30,000 aces of prime Deer country, the tag price is included in the price of the hunt as is the food and lodging. The area is tribal land and the tag is a multi species license, good for Elk, Mule Deer or Whitetail.

The hunt is all in priced at $5,000 per hunter, if you tag out early you can buy another tag and keep hunting extra tag is $500 and a trophy fee if taken of $1,500.

Please contact me for more details on this Whitetail Deer Hunt Canada Saskatchewan.



Bear & Moose Hunt Specials Alaska

One of my outfitters is trying to clear up his quota for 2016 he has a couple of specials for the guys here. You wont find a better deal on these hunts anywhere.

Dates are as follows and there is a charter to camp which is located out of Port Alsworth. Flight is from Anchorage and is $1,500 round trip.

Prices do not include license and tags.

Aug 20-30 2×1 Brown Bear Black Bear Combo $10,500.00 PP

Sept 21-30 10 day Brown Bear hunt 1×1 $16,500 or 2×1 $10,500.00

Sept 5-20 1×1 Brown Bear Black Bear Moose Combo $25,500.00

Sept 5-12 8 day Moose hunt for 12,000.00, add Brown Bear for $5,000

Sept 13-20 8 Day Moose hunt 12,000.00, add Brown Bear for $5,000

Price includes, Food, lodge, meals, guide, trophy prep and deliver to taxidermist.

Please contact me for more details on this Bear & Moose hunt specials Alaska.




Roe Deer Hunt in Sweden Observer Included

Here is a fun hunt and a great one to take your wife or girlfriend on, observer included at no charge.

The season for Roebuck is Sept 1- Dec 31 and the trophy fee for one is included in the price. Additional Roebuck $1,800 each.

Hunt is 6 days 5 nights included. Arrive Stockholm for pickup by outfitter and transfer to camp which is a nice bed and breakfast. Hunt 2 days for Roebuck then transfer to Stockholm for 2 additional days to tour and see the town.

Includes Roebuck, accommodations, breakfast weapons rental and transport during your stay.

Not included are, international flights, additional trophies, meals other than breakfast, alcohol or gratuities.

Price all in is $5,950

Please contact me for more details on this Roe Deer hunt in Sweden observer included.



Cull Hunt Springbok & Blesbok

I have an outfitter that has an overabundance of Springbok and Blesbok. He needs to bring his numbers down he is offering clients a deal to come over and do some culling.

Lodge is nice, not too fancy, includes food, guide etc.

$300 per day and culls are $200 each. Transfer to airport it $400 each.
No limit on how many you can take.

Please contact me for more details on this cull hunt Springbok & Blesbok.



Amazing Deal on Plains Game Hunting Package South Africa 11 Trophies

There are a lot of great deals going on lately, but here is a great one for this year. The area is up in the Limpopo and the outfitter will transfer and return to Polokwane airport. This a ranch style hunt his concessions are more than 25,000 acres with nice accommodations and great hunting and trophy quality.

Price includes:
Airport pickup and return
7 full hunting days
Trophy prep
Delivery to taxidermist for dip and pack

Trophy fees included
Blue Wildebeest

Add Sable for US$ 5,000

Additional trophies can be taken per price list
Observers $200 per day

US$ 9,250

Please let me know if you are interested, I only have a couple of these available.

Please contact me for more details on this amazing deal on plains game hunting package South Africa 11 trophies.


Scimitar Oryx Hunt Texas

Hi Guys,

One of my ranchers has some monster Scimitar Oryx that he wants to move. These animals are in prime condition and since they are in Texas you can take the venison home with you. Hunt is 3 days long, meals. lodge, guide and trophy fee included $6,000 all in for the hunt.

He has Gemsbok and Addax on the ranch for an additional trophy fee.

The ranch is located near Uvalde, Texas and is 2,500 acres, he is averaging over 40″ on his Scimitar.

Let me know if you are interested these are great summer hunts.

Please email me for more details on this Scimitar Oryx hunt Texas.





Water Buffalo Hunt Argentina

With everything going on in Africa I was thinking about something different but still fun and affordable.
I work with a great outfitter in Argentina that does free range Water Buffalo hunts. Its a great way to break out the big guns have some fun without breaking your bank account on the hunt or the flight. Lost of additional animals available as well.
Ranch is located in Santa Rosa Argentina, 5 day hunt 2 water buffalo included $6,500.
Hunt includes airport pickup, lodge, meals, guide, trophy prep and trophy fees.
Not included hunting license, airport transfer, hotels if needed, gun import.

Please email me for more details on this Water Buffalo hunt Argentina.



hunt-water-buffalo water-buffalo-hunt

Alaska Brown Bear Hunt

One of my outfitters in Alaska has a special offer in his area out of Port Alsworth for a 2×1 Fall Brown Bear hunt. This is a predator control area and the state is trying to reduce bear numbers in the area. During the 10 day hunt you are allowed to take 2 brown Bears and 5 black Bears, no additional trophy fees for taking extra bears. Hunters will need to fly into Anchorage then charter to camp, charter is $1,500. The camp is a tented camp with cots and fresh food. Hunters should be in reasonably good shape for the trip.

Dates for the hunt are August 20-30 both in 2016 and 2017, these dates coincide with the salmon run and berry season.

The 10 day hunt with all Bears included is $12,500 plus charter $1,500, license and tags.

I have room for 2 this year (2016) and 2 next year (2017) as well as one spot for a 1×1 hunt in 2017 for $18,500.

Please email me for more details on this Alaska Brown Bear Hunt.



Saskatchewan Whitetail Hunt Discounted Again

Just got off the phone with the outfitter and he is really pushing to fill his remaining spots this year. He still has the week of thanksgiving open and I still have room for one more following week I will be in camp. He also has a few opening later in the season as well.

Last week of November and the first week of December are prime weeks and it should be a great hunt. To help fill his remaining spots he has agreed to discount the hunt to $3,000 including the tag to fill his remaining spots.

Hunt includes: airport pick up, meals, lodging, guiding, trophy prep as well as one tag, hunters can take whitetail, moose, elk, mule deer or wolf. You can always purchase an additional tag and take another animal if you choose. additional tag is $700.

Please email me for more details on this Saskatchewan Whitetail hunt discounted again.


Discounted Cougar Hunt Utah

Hi guys,

I have a new hunting outfitter in Utah who is trying to get some business going this year. He is doing running his Utah hound hunts at a discount to bring in some clients for this seasons and he is offering some very good prices to fill his calendar. The outfitter is a long time hounds man and dog trainer.

Pick up and return is from Salt lake city, the are is outside of Price, Utah. The area is all privately owned property and the outfitter has exclusive rights to hunt.

The hunt is 5 days arrive Sunday depart Saturday.

The hunt is $3,000 and includes pick up and return,meals, guide, hounds and trophy preparation.

Does not include hotel stay +/- $65 per night, license is $285 and tag is $65.

Please email me for more details on this discounted Cougar hunt Utah.


Alberta Mule Deer Hunt Cancellation

One of my Canadian hunting outfitters just had a cancellation hunt for the week of thanksgiving (November 23-28, 2015) for Mule Deer. The outfitter has a great area and take some very nice Mule Deer. He just had a group cancel for the thanksgiving week. This is a prime week for big Mulies. The outfitter operates just out Calgary on 70,000 acres of private property and has a high success rate on Deer. His average is 180″ with several in the 190-200″ category taken each year. Hunt is based from a lodge and it is not a physically demanding hunt.

Let me know if you are interested the hunt is $5,500 plus $450 license and tag.
Pick up and return to Calgary is included, as are meals, lodging, guiding, field prep and trophy fee.

I have a client in camp this week, and he took a nice deer on the second day.

Please email me for more details on this Alberta Mule Deer hunt cancellation.



Saskatchewan Whitetail Hunt Discount Cancellation

Just had a group of 4 cancel their Saskatchewan Whitetail Hunts scheduled for thanksgiving week. The hunting outfitter has offered to discount the hunt to get somebody booked in. This is a prime week, obviously the US thanksgiving does make it difficult for us here in the States but if you can get away, its a great deal.

Normal price is $5,000 plus tag $500, he did give me special pricing for AH members, but he has discounted this hunt further to $3,500 with the tag included.

This is a prime week in the rut and there should be plenty of action. This is reservation land and your tag is good for your choice of either Whitetail, Mule Deer, Elk, Moose, or Wolf. then you can purchase an additional tag if you would like and keep hunting.

The outfitter aslo has a few open spots this season and is willing to deal on those as well.

Please email me for more details on this Saskatchewan Whitetail hunt discount cancellation.


Late 2015 Season Leopard Hunt Namibia

One of my hunting outfitters has one last tag for sale and he is offering it as cheap as he can.

The hunt is 7 days long plus arrival and departure, this is a baited hunt, he has been baiting and there are cats on bait (see pics).

Leopard hunt, trophy fee, PH, food, lodge, airport pick up and return and bait is included $10,000

if no cat taken there is a $2,000 refund.

Season ends the last of November, if you are interested let me know ASAP.

Please email me for more details on this late 2015 season Leopard hunt Namibia.





Night Vision and Thermal Pig Hunts

In my spare time, which of course is so abundant, I own and operate another company that runs night vision/thermal Pig hunts and helicopter hunts near Houston Texas.

In another thread we were talking about night vision and thermal equipment and I thought, I would offer it here to see if anyone is interested.

This year has been a great year for Pigs and we have had some big nights. Our biggest night this year was 60 Pigs in 8 hours. Most nights we shoot at 10-20 Pigs. But I don’t have a limit and you can shoot till you are tired or we run out of ammo.

The hunts start at dark and I provide, night vision and thermal gear, guns scopes, ammo, transportation and 120,000 acres of hunting ground. you can shoot all the Pigs and varmints you want.

As its a night hunt I don’t provide lodging, but there is a motel close by our hunting area. Out of state hunting license is $48 for Pigs and varmints. The hunts are $600 per person. We run a max group of 4 guys at a time. its a fun hunt and definitely something different.

And you get to hang out with me. That’s a bonus, Right?

Please email me for more details on this night vision and thermal Pig hunts.







Amazing Last Minute Deal on Once in a Lifetime Huge Cape Buffalo

This is truly a last minute deal, but you will shoot a monster Buffalo and get to hunt in a place where NO ONE gets to go. This hunt is 100% legal and inside the bounds of a very famous park in RSA. This hunt is a one in a lifetime opportunity to hunt in that park, legally and take a monster bull.

The catch is, it has to be done by OCT 30, 2015. This area has no limit on Buffalo size and the bigger the better realistically a 48″ is possible.

The outfitter has one Buffalo, one Kudu and two Nyala on quota.

The hunt includes, daily rate, Buffalo TF, meals, lodge, PH, trophy preparation.
The all in price for the Buffalo and the hunt is $11,000 USD
Transfer from Polokwane to lodge and return $500 USD
Kudu $1,000 USD
Nyala $1,000 USD

This is a tremendous deal for a chance at a monster Buffalo and the opportunity to legally hunt where no one else has in decades.


Please email me for more details on this amazing last minute deal on once in a lifetime huge Cape Buffalo.


Discounted New Zealand Hunts

One of my hunting outfitters in New Zealand has some availability for next year. He is offering some discounted prices to fill a few more days.

Fly into and out of Christchurch, meals, lodging, guide, fee and trophy fees included. Spectacular lodge in one of the most beautiful countries on earth.

Package Hunt 2:1
6 days 2×1 all-inclusive accommodation, meals, beverages (wine & beer), guide & vehicle, etc.
Stag SCI 320 – 340
Bull Tahr
US$8950.00 each

Package Hunt 2:1
5 days 2×1 all-inclusive accommodation, meals, beverages (wine & beer), guide & vehicle, etc.
Bull Tahr
US$5450.00 each

Please email me for more details on this discounted New Zealand hunts.


hunting-new-zealand new-zealand-hunting


Incredible Deal Leopard Hunt in Namibia

My best Leopard hunting outfitter has one late season Leopard tag and he is offering it at an unbelievable price to sell it quick.

The Leopard hunt is 14 days long, 2 travel days plus 12 hunting days, per-baiting and baits included as well as the trophy fee. Their track record on baited hunts is second to none and they have been 100% this year on big cats.

The price for this deal is $15,000 USD and we have till the end of the season to do it (November 30, 2015).

The 2016 price of this hunt is almost US$25,000.

This is an incredible opportunity for someone wanting to get a big cat without breaking the bank. Its also a chance to hunt with one of the best Leopard hunting outfitter on the continent, bar none.

Please email me for more details on this incredible deal Leopard hunt in Namibia.

Look at some of the 2015 Leopards below…




Exportable Elephant and Buffalo Hunt South Africa

One of my South African outfitters has one Elephant and one Buffalo left on quota for this year, the hunt must be done before the end of October. The Elephant is fully exportable.

This is a big area and shares a 30KM river border with a very famous park. Elephant population is very good and there are exceptional numbers of Buffalo big Buffalo in the area, Buffalo up to 48″ have been spotted and the outfitter says hunters will shoot at least a 44″ Buffalo.

The hunt is based form a nice lodge and is 14 days long. Elephant Trophy Fee is based on weight.
60lbs all inclusive $65,000
50 to 59lbs $60,000
Under 50Lbs $55,000
Buffalo trophy fee is $11,000
Elephant license is $1,000 and Buffalo license is $500.

Please email me for more details on this exportable Elephant and Buffalo hunt South Africa.


Deer Hunt Saskatchewan Canada Discounted

I’ll be going to Saskatchewan again this year in search of a big free range Whitetail or Mule Deer. My outfitter up north hunts a huge area of native land that boasts a very healthy population of Deer. The accommodations are very nice and based from a local bed and breakfast. He has picked up some new ground that has not been hunted in over 10 years, so we should see some nice Deer come out of there this year.

This is not your normal Saskatchewan Deer hunt, while the outfitter does utilize still hunting from heated blinds they also walk and stalk for Deer as well as call for them. Its a nice break from sitting in the stand all day.

The dates for the trip are arrive Nov 29 hunt Nov 30-Dec 5 depart late on the 5th or the 6th.

Since this is native land the tag is a multi species tag, you can shoot: Whitetail, Mule Deer, Moose, Elk or Wolf if you see one. Then you have the option to buy another tag and continue hunting for something else at no extra charge.

The hunt is normally $5,000 plus $500 for the tag, the outfitter has dropped the price $500 to cover the cost of the tag. The hunt all in is $5,000. extra tags are $500 each for a second or third animal.

There is an all too healthy population of wolves in the area as well. The outfitter is trying to negotiate a deal for his clients on Wolf tags to help reduce his numbers.

Please email me for more details on this Deer hunt Saskatchewan Canada discounted.



Buffalo Hunt South Africa APNR Discounted

One of my outfitter who hunts in the APNR has some leftover Buffalo for this year and he would like to make the AH community a special offer.

The area he hunts are mainly Balule and Klaserie, these area have big Buffalo populations and some very good bulls are taken every year. this is a 7 day 1×1 hunt that normally sells for $16,500. Discounted to $13,500 and we will include one observer for free.

Please email me for more details.



Discounted Leopard Hunt Namibia

My outfitter near Grootfontein, Namibia has a Leopard tag available and he is offering an all inclusive hunt package for this year.

The hunt is 14 days long, plus travel days on either end. includes, daily rate, PH, staff, meals, lodging, bait animals, license, tag and VAT. Reduced from $16,000 to $14,000, if a Leopard is not taken the trophy fee of $4,000 is refundable.

Plains game can be added and the prices are very reasonable.

Dates are available through the end off the 2015 hunting season for this discounted Leopard hunt Namibia.

Here is a picture of one on bait now and one that was taken last year.

Please let me know if you are interested.




Namibia Leopard Hunt

My hunting outfitter near Grootfontein in Namibia has a Leopard tag available and he is offering an all inclusive hunt package for this year.

This Namibia Leopard Hunt is 14 days long, plus travel days on either end. includes, daily rate, PH, staff, meals, lodging, bait animals, license, tag and VAT. The all in price is $16,000, if a Leopard is not taken the trophy fee of $6,000 is refundable.

Plains game can be added and the prices are very reasonable.

Dates are available through the end off the 2015 hunting season.

Here is a picture of one on bait now and one that was taken last year.

Please let me know if you are interested.




Late Season Zimbabwe Hunt

Even with such a focus going on Zimbabwe right now, our hunting outfitters are still working hard and continuing to hunt.

I have some late season Zimbabwe hunt available on some newly released quota.

These are for this 2015 hunting season.

The are is in the Hwange campfire area, the hunt will be based from a nice camp just outside the area, the outfitter may utilize a fly camp in the area if need be. Hunters should plan to arrive and depart from Victoria Falls, the camp is about 1 hour drive from the airport.

Hunting observer $300 per day
Non-hunting observer $200 per day

Daily Rates Include
All accommodation during safari
All food, beverages and laundry during safari
Return transfers from airport to camp by road
Rifle and ammunition if needed
Delivery of trophies to taxidermist in Bulawayo

Not Included In Daily Rate
Air charters if needed
Extra activities after or during safari
Gratuities to PH or staff
Medical coverage in case of injury

Available hunts:
Croc/Hippo/Non Trophy Elephant – 15 day hunts – $830 per day (includes Government levy)
Non Trophy Elephant/Croc – 10 day hunt – $780 per day (includes Government levy)
Buffalo/Plains Game – 10 day hunt – $1,030 per day (includes Government levy)
Non Trophy Elephant – 7 day hunt – $780 per day (includes Government levy)
Elephant Bull Trophy (Non exportable) – 10 day hunt – $780 per day (includes Government levy)
Hippo/Croc day hunt – 7 day hunt – $780 (includes Government levy)

Trophy fees:
Crocodile $4,750
Hippo $4,100
Buffalo $5,100
Non Trophy Elephant (Non exportable) $6,500
Elephant Bull Trophy (non US exportable) $15,000

Please let me know if you are interested.


Lynx Hunt in Canada

I have one opening in november for one of the neatest animals in North America, these Lynx hunt in Canada are fun and exciting hunts behind hounds. The area is just out of Prince George and a beautiful private guide use area. The hunt is for mid November and early in the season so there should be plenty of action. The Lynx hunts are 6 days long and are $4,000 2×1 and $5,000 1×1., plus tag, license and tax and HPF.

Contact me know if you are interested.



Cougar Hunt in Canada

My hunting outfitter in in British Columbia Canada has one spot left for big in British Columbia Cougar with dogs. The hunt includes meals, lodging, guiding, trophy fee and pick up and return from Kamloops airport. He takes some monster Cougars every year and he has one opening left for 2015. Hunt dates are: arrive Dec 9 hunt 10-15 depart on the 16th. Cougar Hunt is $12,900 plus license, tax and tag.

Its not the cheapest Cougar hunt by any means, but for a chance at a big cat it is the best.

Contact me know if you are interested.







Wolf Hunt in Canada

My hunting outfitter in British Columbia Canada has a few openings left for his winter Wolf hunt. His success rate is good, but its a hard hunt. If you are patient and willing to do it your chances for a Wolf are very good. Fly into and out of Prince George.

6 days 1×1 hunt is $5,000 plus license and taxes and HRPF
6 days 2×1 hunt is $4,000 plus license and taxes and HRPF

Contact me know if you are interested.



Brown Bear Hunt in Alaska

My hunting outfitter in Alaska has two spots open for Brown Bear left this year. 10 day hunt includes trophy fee and charter to camp. Hunt dates are Sept 15-25, fly into and out of King Salmon AK. The hunt is $14,750, that includes the charter flight to camp. Hunting license $85, Bear tag $500. There is a good near population in the area and typical Brown Bears are 8-8.5 foot.

Let me know if you are interested.



New Brunswick Canada Spring or Fall Black Bear Hunt 2x Bears Included

I have a great outfitter based in New Brunswick Canada and my good friend Steve Scott just got back from a fantastic hunt for black bear. The outfitters area is huge, encompassing hundreds of square miles of bush. The hunt is based from a very nice bed and breakfast, meals and lodging are included as well as the trophy fee for two bears. The area has a very healthy population of big bears, while they do not get as tall as the BC bears they tend to be thicker and heavier. These hunts are a mix of semi-guided stand hunting over baits as well as 1×1 spot and stalk hunting. The outfitter specializes in bow hunters but can and will accommodate rifle hunters as well. After your hunt you can enjoy afternoon f.

The outfitter runs a very family oriented operation with his wife and kids involved. They do not drink at the lodge, there is a pub nearby if you would like to have a drink.

The 5 day, 5 night hunt is $2,950 and includes trophy fees for two bears and one coyote, pick up and return from either Saint John or Fredericson airport, meals, lodging, guiding, trophy prep. Bear licenses are$185 each.

Please contact me with any questions.


hunting-black-bear hunting-canada

Deeply Discounted Hunting Deal Tanzania

I have an incredible deal for a discounted hunt in Tanzania, this hunt has been heavily discounted to make sure the dates are filled.

We have two openings available and I don’t expect them to last long.

This is a true African experience in the souls and an incredible value, Tanzania is one of the greatest places on the planet to hunt and the Selous is an unbelievable area.

21 day full bag safari in the Selous, time frames for the hunt are Sept, Oct, Nov. this is a full bag safari and includes the daily rate and government fees. Regular price is $64,400 discounted price is $35,000. Savings of almost $30,000

Safaris fees include
-The service of a Professional Hunter(s) specified in the quotation and the safari crew
including cook, mess steward, trackers, gun bearers, skinners, and general assistants.
-Transport – one hunting vehicle per Professional Hunter and load carrying vehicles for
transporting equipment and crew to and from the hunting areas.
-Full tentage including insect and snake-proof sleeping tents with en-suite flushing toilet
and shower.
-Full camp equipment including beds with comfortable mattresses, solar lighting, mess
and kitchen equipment, utensils, refrigerator, and freezer.
-Fresh and canned foods of the best quality available, including fresh fruits and
vegetables. Special requirements catered for as far as possible.
-Medicine chest including snakebite serum and malaria tablets.
-Skinning and preservation of trophies in the field.
-A company representative to assist you on arrival and departure.
-The use of a high frequency two-way radio.

Not included
-Government trophy fees (See Trophy Fees).
-The cost of alcoholic drinks, beer, and tobacco.
-Air charter to and from the hunting areas and commercial travel to and from Tanzania.
-Hotel accommodation before and after the safari.
-The cost of transporting equipment and personnel to places beyond our concessions.
-Gratuities to staff and Professional Hunters.
-Airfreight of trophies from Tanzania to final destination.
-Any extra Tourist temporary firearms import duty and license @ US $250.00 per gun.
-Faxes or phone calls made on behalf of the clients.

Road transfer to camp is $1,500
Air charter round trip $4,400

Available quota for the hunt
Baboon 1 on license $ 170
Buffalo 1st 1 on license $2,500.00
Buffalo 2nd 1 on license $2,600.00
Buffalo 3rd 1 on license $2,800.00
Bushbuck 1 on license $750
Bushpig 1 on license $500
Civet 1 on license $300
Crocodile 1 on license $2,300.00
Duiker, common and red 1 on license $ 350
Eland, east African 1 on license $ 2,300.00
Elephant 1 on license $9,500.00
Hartebeest Liechtenstein 2 on license $800
Hippopotamus 1 on license $2,500.00
Hyena, spotted 1 on license $600
Impala, Southern 2 on license $ 490
Jackal silver back 1 on license $300
Klipspringer 1 on license $1,400.00
Kudu greater 1 on license $2,900.00
Leopard 1 on license $4,700.00
Lion 1 on license $7,000.00
Oribi 2 on license $350
Reedbuck 2 on license $ 550
Sable 1 on license $3,300.00
Suni 1 on license $300
Warthog 1 on license $550
Waterbuck 2 on license $1,200
Wildebeest Nyassa 2 on license $900
Zebra 2 on license $1,500.00

Elephants of 15 Kgs (33 lbs) to 27Kgs (60lbs) $ 9,500.00, Elephants 27Kgs to
32 Kgs (70lbs) $ 15,000.00 and Elephants over 32 Kgs $ 25,000.00.

Please contact me with any questions.



Discounted Buffalo Hunt Zimbabwe

One of my hunting outfitter has three late season Buffalo left if anyone wants to take advantage of the deal.

Fly into Bulawayo or Harare for P/U (Bulawayo is preferred) but either can be accommodated. The private conservancy is 24,000 acres. These discounted Buffalo hunt Zimbabwe are 7 days and all in priced with the trophy fee $12,000.

Dates available are between August 15 and October 28.

There is PG in the area that can be added as well per TF prices.

This is a great deal on a real Buffalo hunt in Zimbabwe.

Please email me with any questions.



Discounted Rhino Hunt

One of my outfitter is offering a discounted Rhino hunt has some old bull Rhino that have had the horn cut off to prevent them being poached. These bulls are past their prime and are being removed from the herds. While Rhino will never be cheap this is a good opportunity to take one at a very discounted price. These are 5 day hunts all inclusive of DR, PH, food lodge etc. $35,000.

Please email me if you are interested in this discounted Rhino Hunt.


Package Hunt Namibia

I have an outfitter in Namibia who is running a couple specials this season which he is offering on his 22,000 acre ranch.

1 package – 1 hunter 5 days, pick any 4 animals from the list $6,000
2 package – 1 hunter 7 days, pick any 6 animals from the list $8,000

Packages include food, lodge, meals, pick up and return from Windhoek.

Species available are:
Burchell’s Plain Zebra
Hartmann’s Mountain Zebra
Common Duiker
Blue Wildebeest

Please email me with any questions.





Brown Bear Hunt Alaska Peninsula

One of my Alaska hunting outfitter has two Brown Bear hunts available on the Alaskan peninsula. These hunts are $14,000 each and are 10 days long, Brown Bears in this area averge 8-8.5 foot. The hunt is fully guided and includes meals, lodging, guides, trophy prep and any flying once the client is in camp.

Additional cost would be charter to camp $750 from king salmon, license and tag. Dates for this year are Sept 15-25, 2015.

Please email me if you are interested.



Exportable Elephant Hunt in Namibia

One of my outfitters in the Caprivi has a a cancellation hunt for an exportable bull Elephant. The Elephant hunt is for this year and the dates available are: 25 July to 10 Aug, 13 Aug to 10 Sept, 13 October to 5 November. The area is 28,700 HA and is primarily made up of a floodplain with tall grass in the drier months. The average for the area is 48# but for guys that are willing to put in the effort and hunt hard bigger bulls are there and there is NO SIZE LIMIT on bulls. If you take a 90# then that is great, no extra charge.

The hunt is 14 days plus arrival and departure day, all in for the hunt $45,000. Airfare, shipping and taxidermy, not included.

If the Elephant hunt is taken late season, there will probably be a Buffalo available $7,500
Other game available
Hippo $4000
Kudu $1500
Zebra $1500
Wildebeest $900
Duiker and Warthog $400
On the odd chance that He has a Leopard tag left, it can be added at $ 5000 if hunted successful.
Roan and Sable, at $9000 each.

Please email me for additional details.


Muskox Hunt in Canada with Record Holding Area

Muskox Hunt in Canada Barren Ground with Record Holding Area

Here is one of my specialty hunts that I exclusively book for. You may know the name FRED WEBB. Fred had the #1 area by far for Barren Ground Muskox. All the record books are dominated by Fred Webb or the Kugluktuk area including all the World Records and the majority if not all of the top 10’s in each!

I now work directly with the Community of Kugluktuk and the same people who Fred had working for him. Since I have taken over from Fred 4 years ago the quality of the hunt has remained the same or if not improved. We are still harvesting Boone & Crockett bulls each and every year. This past season was no exception with half the bulls green scoring into the B&C and/or the P&Y record books including one bull that scored into the top 5 of B&C and one Bull scoring into the top 5 of P&Y. There is simply no better place to hunt Barren Ground Muskox PERIOD!

These hunts take place from mid-March to mid-April each spring.
1 hunter with 1 Guide travelling with another hunter and guide.
5.5 days of hunting.
Excellent Bow hunt or Rifle
$ 8500 USD + 5% Federal Tax
$ 52.50 CDN License
$ 157.50 CDN Harvest Fee
$ 1500 USD Approx. Flight cost for Edmonton, Alberta to Kugluktuk and return.

$4000 USD Deposit Required.

Easy to get to from anywhere in USA or Canada.
Arrive in Kugluktuk by Commercial plane and start your hunt immediately.
Limited space available for 2016 hunts.

Please feel free to contact me for more information or to answer any questions.

muskox-hunt-01 muskox-hunt-02 muskox-hunt-03 muskox-hunt-04 muskox-hunt-05

Cull Hunts Botswana

With most of the big game hunting in Botswana now closed there is still plains game hunting available on privately owned farms. One of my hunting outfitters has a huge ranch there and he has a few openings for some cull hunts. Trophy hunts are also available there as well. This is a great opportunity to see a new country and get some shooting in without breaking the bank.

Cull hunts are a minimum of 2 people and 7 days, $2,275 PP.

Wildebeest bulls $250
Wildebeest cows $150
Kudu cows $150
Eland cows $400
Broken horn bulls same price as cows

Daily rates include:
Meeting upon arrival in Maun
Full services of a professional hunter
Full camp staff and services
Meals and local drinks
Daily laundry service.

The following items are Not included in the daily rate:
– Trophy fees
– Gratuities
– Dipping, packing, and shipping of trophies
– Gun permits at $150/gun
– Air charter to camp (optional)
– Shotgun ammunition at $1/round
– Pre or post-hunt hotels
– 12% VAT (trophy fees are exempt)
– Road transfer to and from camp at $300/vehicle
– San cultural dancing
– Bird shooting at $300/week per person
– Botswana ammo tax


Discounted Alaskan Arctic Grizzly Hunt North Slope

Here is a great deal on a Discounted Alaskan Arctic Grizzly hunt North Slope. It is with a very reputable outfitter whom I have worked with for over 20 years and have had great success.

Regular Hunt cost is $16,500 USD
Pick-up point is Anaktuvuk Pass via Fairbanks, AK
You will be met by the outfitter in Anaktuvuk Pass, Alaska and taken on a short charter flight to the camp where you will meet your guide.
Tented camp with cots and mattresses
All hunting is done on foot by spot and stalk
Barren Ground Caribou available on a opportunity bases
This is a fully guided 1×1 hunt
Only 2 dates available for 2015
Hunt #1: August 9-18
Hunt #2: August 20-29

$12,500 USD Special discount for 2015 only
$585 USD Bear License
$325 USD Caribou Tag
$1,000 USD Charter from Anaktuvuk Pass to camp
$1,000 USD* Caribou Harvest fee

$6000 USD deposit required with final balance due 60 days prior to the hunt.
Please let me know if anyone may be interested.
I can put anyone that is serious in direct contact with the outfitter as well.



Black Bear Hunt Canada Big Discount Cancellation

Just had a couple guys drop out on a hunt with their deposits paid. This is a 2×1 hunt for big Black Bear with dogs. Dates for the hunt are May 25-31, fly in on the 24th and out on the 31st or on the 1st, Kamloops British Columbia. We need two hunters to make it work, great father son hunt.

The outfitter has a great reputation for taking big Bears and 100% success rate.

Regular price is $4,150, cancellation price is $2,500 PP, plus tax (2.5%) license and tag and NRHP fund. meals and lodge are included in the hunt. Second Bear can be added for the license cost and $1,500 TF.

Please let me know ASAP if you are interested.



Leopard Hunt Discounted Namibia

My best Namibian Leopard hunting outfitter has a couple of tags left and he is trying to finish out his calendar.

Regular price on the 14 day hunt is $21,685, he is offering these hunts at $18,200, including trophy fee.

The hunt includes:
Pick up and return to Windhoek
lodging and meals
full staff
6 bait animals
leopard trophy fee
all licenses
transport to taxidermist.

Not included:
additional bait animals if needed
additional trophies if desired
dip and pack.

This is a great hunt and one of the best cat guys in Namibia, his success rate is phenomenal. Let me know if you are interested.