New Mexico Elk and Rut Mule Deer Bow Hunts Available


My outfitter in Northern New Mexico has a couple of openings in his schedule this year for Mule Deer and Elk. The area is 10,000 acres in the middle of a huge very famous ranch. There is a very nice lodge on the ranch with an on staff chef. Of course the hunting is fantastic, with the winter Elk migration running through the property in the fall.

His area is known for trophy Mule Deer and he has two hunts in the rut left for this year. The hunts can be taken in November- December. While this is not the cheapest hunt it is a fantastic one. This is one of the best areas for Mule Deer in North America. 5 day Mule Deer hunt is $13,000 PP plus tax and license.

The Elk ranch is near Chama, New Mexico and has some fantastic Elk hunting there. We have 4 bow hunting openings available and the 5 day hunt can be taken anytime from Sept 1-15. We expect to see some great bulls taken off the ranch this year. $12,500 PP plus tag and tax.

Please email me for additional details on this New Mexico Elk and rut Mule Deer bow hunts available.

mulke-deer-hunting-new-mexico elk-hunting-new-mexico

Cougar Hunts in Utah


My outfitter in Utah, has space available for this year’s hunts if you are looking for a great Cougar at a good price, then this maybe the hunt for you.

He hunts the South East corner of the state and has been 100% for the past 8 years on cats. The hunt is done with dogs. If you have never hunted behind hounds it is fun and exciting. The 5 day hunt includes meals lodging, guide fee, and one Cougar. The hunt is $5,000 +UT tax 7%, license and tag runs about $400.

Let me know if you are interested in this Cougar hunt in Utah.

cougar-hunt cougar-hunting mountain-lion-hunt

Moose Hunt Cancellation British Columbia


One of my British Columbia outfitters, just wrote with a cancellation hunt in one of his best areas for Moose. 2 spots open for a Moose hunt that has traditionally been his best area for big bulls.

Hunt dates are Oct 4th – 14th, 2 spots available, the lodging will be a permanent lodge with showers and beds. A spike camp may be utilized depending on animal movements.

The hunt is all inclusive of: The hunt, Moose trophy fee, hunting license, Moose tag, wolf tag. HPF fund, all taxes and float charter.

$15,200 reduced to $10,500

Hunters are responsible for their flights to Dease lake British Columbia, gun permits, tips, trophy shipping, meat processing and shipment.

The area is 2850 sq miles, only 80 miles from the Yukon border. They credit their proximity to the Yukon as the reason for their success with big bulls.

The area is remote and does take some “getting” to. Hunters fly into Vancouver then onto Smithers, where you will overnight before you fly into Dease lake British Columbia for your final flight into camp, via float plane and then on horses into camp.

The camp holds a max of 3 hunters and on 5 separate occasions we have filled all three Moose tags in a single day. they refer to this as their 3in1 camp. This has been historically a very special camp for rut Moose and we did not Hunt it last year at all. The opportunity is fantastic for the quality of the Hunt and the Bulls.

The former World Record Mountain Caribou was taken very near to this area and we have continued to see excellent bulls here as well. There are years that the Caribou head to the bush during this period.

Regular price for this hunt is $15,200, the hunt is discounted to $10,500 PP, we have two spots open.

Mountain caribou can be added for $5,850 plus tag cost of 267.50, there may e a grizzly bear tag available as well.

BC-Moose-Hunt  British-Columbia-Moose-Hunt British-Columbia-Moose-Hunting BC-Moose-Hunting BC-Moose-Hunts

Brown Bear Cancellation Hunt


Another of my Alaskan outfitters has a Brown Bear cancellation hunt. This hunt is in 17b and allows for 2 Brown Bears to be taken in the area as well as 2 Black Bears and Wolves. TROPHY FEES ARE INCLUDED.

There are no trophy fees and the hunter would need to arrive in Port Alsworth on the 18th of August and Depart on August 30th. This hunt was purchased by a hunter who is leaving $4000.00 on the table for someone to take advantage of.

License and tags along with travel from Anchorage to my base camp and return is not included. ($1800.00 RT includes 1 night stay in Port Alsworth).

Original Hunt cost $18,500.00.

Cost now is $14,500.

brown-bear-hunt brown-bear-hunting brown-bear-hunts hunt-brown-bear hunting-brown-bear

Black Bear Hunt with Hounds in British Columbia


One of my British Columbia outfitters has started running his Black Bear hunts behind hounds. He is one of the best outfitters for Bear in the north country and takes some of the best Bears anywhere. His hunts are 100%. He is a little rough around the edges, but his Bears speak for themselves. This is not the cheapest Bear but it is one of the most productive and exciting hunts around for a big blackie.

Hunt is $4,150 for a 2×1 hunt and $6,950 for a 1×1 hunt, GST 2.5% on hunt price.

2nd Bears are $1,500
License is $210
Bear tags are $210 each
NRHP fund is $210

black-bear-hunt-hound hunt -black-bear

Free Range Hunting Package in South Africa


One of my outfitters in South Africa has put together a couple of free range hunting package for this year. These hunts are all free range, fair chase hunt on their properties. They run a top shelf outfit and takes some great trophies.

Let me know if you are interested.

Eastern Cape Package
$4,900 1×1
6 days, 7 nights & 6 species: Cape Kudu, Duiker, Impala, Blesbok, Springbok, Baboon

HA Exclusive Package
$7,200 1×1
7 days, 8 nights & 7 species: Cape Kudu, Gemsbok, Duiker, Bushbuck, Impala, Blesbok, Baboon

Kwazulu -Natal Package
$9,900 1×1
7 days, 8 nights, & 6 species: Nyala, Greater Kudu, Bushbuck, Impala, Reedbuck, Baboon

Three Area Package (Durban, Umkomaas, Eastern Cape)
$11,900 1×1
10 days, 11 nights & species: Kudu, Gemsbok, Blesbok, Black Wildebeest, Springbok, Nyala, Bushbuck, Warthog

*Package hunts are not inclusive of RSA VAT tax on Daily rates 14%

hunt-south-africa hunting-south africa south-africa-hunt south-africa-hunting

Great Deal on Tanzania Hunt Cancellation


My outfitter in the Selous Tanzania has had a 21 day hunt cancellation. This hunt on offer is for an 18 day hunt with a 21 day quota, less Elephant. This is a great opportunity to hunt one of the greatest places on the planet. Tanzania will never be cheap, but this is a great deal with a spectacular outfitter.

18 day safari in the Selous, available dates are Oct 15-Nov 1, 2014

Included in the price: Fully furnished safari camp and lodging, meals,Professional PH, vehicles, camp staff, trophy prep.

Animals on quota are Lion, Leopard, Buffalo, Hippo, Croc, Sable, Eland, Kudu, Hyena, Waterbuck, Bushbuck, Reedbuck and all plains game species.

21 day safari is regular priced at $48,300, discounted price is $30,000 plus government fees of $13,500 Charter to camp is $4,400 R/T.

Not included in price: Trophy fees, alcohol, tips, hotels before or after hunt, shipping of trophies home observers.

Please email me for additional details.

hunt-tanzania hunting-tanzania

Brown Bear Hunt Deal


One of our hunting outfitters just called me with a Brown Bear hunt cancellation. He has been outfitting in Alaska since 1968 and he runs only a few hunters each year. The area is along the Nushagak River 17B, this is a predator control area and is a 2 Brown Bear area. Open dates are Aug. 19 – 30, and Aug. 30 – Sept. 10, 2014.

The 1×1 10 day hunt is discounted from $15,000 to $11,500. It includes guiding lodging and one brown Bear, typical Bears square 8.5-9.5 ft. A second Bear may be taken for $3,500. Wolf and Black Bear bay be taken at n/c as long as you purchaser the license. Accommodations are typical spike camp and the hunt is on foot, spot and stalk.

Additional charges are airfare to anchorage and charter flights to camp $1,450 R/T. plus license $85 and tag $500 per Bear. Outfitter sells license and tags in camp.

This will sell fast if you are interested please let me know ASAP.


Lynx Hunt Canada


One of the neatest animals in North America, these Lynx hunt in Canada are fun and exciting hunts behind hounds for these elusive little critters. The area is just out of Prince George and a beautiful private guide use area. Lynx season is November 15-February 15.

The Lynx hunts are 6 days long and are $4,000 2×1 and $5,000 1×1., plus tag, license and tax and HPF.

Wolf and cougar can be added as well to this hunt.


Wolf Hunt British Columbia


One of my outfitters has some openings for his British Columbia Wolf hunt. The area is near Prince George BC and the Wolf population is getting a little too healthy for his liking. the hunts are 6 days long and shot opportunity is 100%. this is a tough hunt as wolves are very intelligent and elusive and shots can be long. hunters with a comfort level out to 400 have a distinct advantage for this hunt.

Accommodations will be either at his lodge or at a local B&B if you prefer (small up-charge). 6 day hunt is $4,000 2×1 or $5,000 1×1, plus tax, tag, license and HPF fund. January – March are prime Wolf season.

Lynx and Cougar can be added as upgrades if seen.


Buffalo Hunt Tanzania


Tanzania is one of the last great hunting destinations on the planet, it’s exceptional even by African standards. I work with a great outfitter who has some 1 and 2 bull Buffalo hunts available, while Tanzania will never be cheap as the Buffalo prices soar in other countries the cost difference is becoming much less. In addition to the Buffalo there is a small plains game quota available as well. These hunts are done in the Muhesi Concession.

Single Buffalo hunt, DR, govt fees, dip pack, transfer to camp and TF, is $20,100

Duration 10 days
Cost of Hunt 18,100
Trophy Fees Buffalo (first) – 2,500; Buffalo (second) – 3,500

Duration 10 days
Cost of Hunt 16,100
Trophy Fees Buffalo – 2,500

Included in all hunts: Airport pickup, firearm clearance, and transfer to hotel
Import of 1 x firearm
All licenses and government fees

Not included in hunts:
Ammo tax
Any travel cost
hotel stay night of arrival
Trophy fees for animals killed or wounded
Tips for staff
Shipping of trophies out of Africa
Travel Route: International airfare to Arusha, Tanzania approximately $2,800
Round trip road transfer approximately$1,500
Private air charter if applicable



Bird Hunting in Bolivia


Bolivia has become a fantastic destination for wing-shooters, the shorter flight and the numerous birds make it a great getaway. The season is still going strong and runs through November. The number of birds in the air is astronomical, but unlike Argentina the birds lay down during the warmer part of the day, making for a great time to take a siesta. While Bolivia is home to both dove and pigeon populations, we do tend to shoot more pigeon in the area.

3 Day hunts are just $2,065 and 4 day hunts are $2,750. Shotgun shells are $14.00 per box, and gun entry is $50 USD or gun rental $65 per day. Bolivian Visa is required for entry.



Whitetail Hunt Kansas


One of my Kansas outfitters just called me about left over whitetail tags in his area as well as some openings in his calendar for his Whitetail hunt Kansas. Starting July 1, there will be about 300 extra deer tags for sale in his unit. These are open to out of state hunters. His area is well known for a great deer populations and the early season archery hunts are almost wide open. He has a 6 spots for rifle season as well. These are fully guided hunts based from nice lodge.

Deer in the area average from 140-180, with a few 190+ taken each year. One of my good friends and clients took a 200+” deer there a couple of years ago.

Price includes one trophy deer
6 nights lodging
5 full days hunting
Field care of trophy

Archery hunts are $4,450 + tax and license $425
Rifle hunts are $5,850 + tax and license





Moose Hunt British Columbia


One of my good friends and outfitters has some openings for his British Columbia Moose hunt. The area is just a short drive from Prince George BC and his area has a super high concentration of Moose. His exclusive guide use area encompasses 2,500 square miles of habitat. I hunted there a few years ago and the area was fantastic. We saw a ton of Moose, Bear and Wolf during the trip.

Moose Hunt British Columbia is 10 days and is $6,900 for the 2×1 hunt. Tag, tax, license, HPF fee and royalty will be right at $1,000. 1×1 hunt can be added along with Bear and Wolf as well.


Leopard Hunt Namibia


Hi guys,

One of my Namibian outfitters just wrote and he has gotten a left over Leopard tag for 2014. The hunt is in a great area in the NW part on Namibia, they have taken some great cats in the area over the years. 14 day hunt includes:

14 day Leopard hunt Namibia $9,800
• Full accommodation duration of hunt
• Service of Professional hunter and tracker
• All meals and non-alcoholic drinks
• Transport to and from the area and airport
• Value added tax

Trophy fee only if Leopard taken $6,300

If you book a Safari date before June 2014 $2,800
If you book a Safari date after June 2014 $5,600

• Leopard hunting tag
• Namibian Leopard hunting licenses
• Pre-bait, for duration leading up to the hunt

If you booked before June, hunt including trophy fee would be $18,900


Botswana Cull Hunt


With most of the big game hunting in Botswana now closed there is still plains game hunting available on privately owned farms. One of my hunting outfitters has a huge ranch there and he has a few openings for some cull hunts. Trophy hunts are also available there as well. This is a great opportunity to see a new country and get some shooting in without breaking the bank.

Cull hunts are a minimum of 2 people and 7 days, $2,275 PP.

Wildebeest bulls $250
Wildebeest cows $150
Kudu cows $150
Eland cows $400
Broken horn bulls same price as cows

Daily rates include:
Meeting upon arrival in Maun
Full services of a professional hunter
Full camp staff and services
Meals and local drinks
Daily laundry service.

The following items are Not included in the daily rate:
- Trophy fees
- Gratuities
- Dipping, packing, and shipping of trophies
- Gun permits at $150/gun
- Air charter to camp (optional)
- Shotgun ammunition at $1/round
- Pre or post-hunt hotels
- 12% VAT (trophy fees are exempt)
- Road transfer to and from camp at $300/vehicle
- San cultural dancing
- Bird shooting at $300/week per person
- Botswana ammo tax

Sable Hunt Special South Africa


One of my South African hunting outfitters contacted me with a special on Sable. He is doing a 7 day hunt which included. P/U and return to JNB airport, PH, meals, lodging and Trophy Fee for a mature Sable. Other plains game is available during the hunt as is wing shooting. Accommodations are a nice lodge and the privately owned area is over 10,000 acres. The all in price for the hunt is $9,000. Additional days and species can be added.


Buffalo Hunt Zimbabwe


I have a few Buffalo tags left in one of the premier areas of Zimbabwe. This area is in the far northern part of the country and will require a transfer. The area is 250,000 acres of bush and has a great buffalo population as well as a fantastic camp set right on the river. The outfitter has agreed to leave the prices for the hunt at his 2013 rates. 10 day hunt is $1,275 per day and the Trophy Fee is $4,500.

Let me know if you are interested, this is a great hunt in a fantastic area.



Exotic Hunts Texas Hill Country


For those guys that are not heading over to Africa this year, we have some hunt openings in the Texas Hill Country for exotics. A great way to keep in practice and make it through the summer doldrums, before deer season rolls back around.

These hunts are semi guided and are 3 days long, includes meals, lodging, transportation during the hunt, field prep and trophy fee for one animal; Axis Deer, Fallow Deer, Blackbuck, Sika Deer or Mouflon. Additional animals can be taken for an applicable trophy fee. Price for the hunt is $3,250.

We have access to dozens of ranches and access to just about any species. If there is something you are looking for please let me know.


Buffalo Hunts near Kruger South Africa


My outfitter hunting the Timbavati area near Kruger has already sold out of all his Buffalo permits for this year. He has some openings for 2015 if you are interested. They are hunting a big free range concession near Near Kruger Park. Logistically a very easy hunt, pick up and drop off in Johannesburg included, no charter or additional flights needed. There are some great Buffalo bulls in the area and your chances of taking one are very good. On the hunt he just finished, they saw over 400 bulls in just 4 days and his hunters went home very happy. The 7 day hunt including Trophy Fee, VAT and transfer is $17,500.


Cancellation Black Bear Hunts in Canada

hunt -black-bear

One of my hunting outfitters called today with some cancellation Black Bear hunts he has available. The outfitter consistently takes some of the biggest bears to come out Canada every year. 15-20% of the bears in the area are color phase.

The coastal Black Bear hunts are 6 days long, plus travel days and are conducted spot and stalk. 4×4′s and atv’s are used to get around the outfitters areas as well as some good old fashioned boot leather to reach the outlying area. Accommodations, food, guide fees and trophy fees are included in the price. VAT, tags, license and HPF are not included. Hunters will need to fly into and out of Vancouver.

Regular price for the Black Bear hunts is $5,750, discounted price is $4,900 1×1 and $3,950 2×1. A second bear can be taken for $2,500.
Available hunt dates in 2014 are:
- April 26-May 4
- May 3-10
- June 5-12

hunt -black-bear




Lion Hunt South Africa


The hunting outfitters I work with run real hunts in large areas for Lion. The Lions are in big areas, yes they are fenced, but its as close to a fair chase hunt as you can get.

I have some Lion hunts available this year and I’m already taking bookings into 2015, with a refund stipulation in case we do see an end.

5 Day Lioness hunts are $6,500 and huge maned males are $25,850. Pick up and return from Kimberly RSA, plains game can be added on a trophy fee basis.

Let me know if you have any question.




Discounted Roebuck Hunt Sweden


My hunting outfitter in Sweden is offering a special on his Roebuck hunts in Southern Sweden. Price includes 5 days of lodging with breakfast, 4 hunting days, 2 Roebuck trophies, license and transfer. The lodging will be a nice B&B in the hunting area, located 1.5 hours from Stockholm, Sweden. Not included in price is firearm import or rental, dinners, trophy prep, additional trophies, tips or VAT of 20%. The cost of the hunt is normally $6,950 the discounted rate for the hunt is $5,200, $1,750 savings on the hunt. Observers are $1,000 for the trip.

Hunters will fly into and out of Stockholm, where the outfitter will pick you up and transfer you to camp. Additional species available on a trophy fee basis include, Roebuck, Moose, Fallow Deer, Red Deer, Mouflon, Wild Boar, Capercaillie, Badger and Fox.



Discounted Stag Hunt New Zealand


My outfitter in New Zealand has a few open dates left for this 2014 hunting season if anyone is interested in this Discounted Stag Hunt New Zealand. The lodge is very nice and the hunting is fantastic. The daily rate for the hunt is $550 per day and he is offering a stag up to 360″ for the price of a 330″ stag. Five day hunt with stag TF would be $7,250 which is a $2,500 discount. Management/Cull stags can be taken at $2,500 each. The area has Chamois, Tahr, Fallow Deer as well as other species available.

Please let me know if you are interested, this is a great hunt and the accommodations are fantastic.



Leopard Hunt Namibia


One of my Namibian outfitters has an open date for next month for a Leopard hunt. The hunt is all inclusive with trophy fee. The only additional expenses would be tips, additional bait animals if needed (6 are included) and additional trophy fees. Hunt is 14 days, he is 100% on cats and runs a top notch camp. Arrive and depart from Windhoek. 14 day hunt is $21,685.

The outfitter keeps baits running all the time to bring in and hold cats in the area. These two cats were taken at dusk on the same day within 1/2 hour of each other.

If you are interested in this Leopard Hunt Namibia, please let me know ASAP.


Mountain Goat Hunt in Canada


Here is a very cool hunting trip, a backpack Mountain Goat hunt in Canada with one of my outfitter has on offer. The remoteness of the area, hiking, packing and conditions, does limit this trip to hunters in good to excellent shape.

The area is in a remote part of the Canadian Rockies and is conducted by pack in only. Hunters should be in good to excellent shape.

Hunt is 10 days, one day hike into the area and a couple of days on the mountain to get to the Goats and take one, weather depending.

The area holds some very old Mountain Goats and receives little hunting pressure because of its location.

Maximum of two hunters at a time, this would make a good father son trip.

Hunt is $9,000 PP plus tax, tag, license, HRPF fund and royalty, total is $10,460 for the hunt.

We can also combine this with Moose, Bear or Wolf, or change areas to his main camp with warm beds, showers and hot meals for Moose and Bear.




Spring Black Bear Hunt Canada


One of my Canadian outfitters has some openings for his Spring Black Bear hunts left. He has beautiful lodge just out of Prince George, his exclusive guide area is 2,500 square miles with an excellent Black Bear population including a good number of color phase Bears. Beautiful scenery and home cooked meals make this one of my favorite places to visit, the owner and his wife are great friends and they have done a great job taking care of the clients we have sent hem over the years.

Cost on this Spring Black Bear Hunt Canada is a bit higher due to the fact they are fully guided true spot and stalk hunts, not baited hunts.

Season runs from May 1- June 15, bow hunters are welcome and usually get in several stalks a day.

These 7 day 2×1 hunts are $4,000 plus license, tag, tax and royalty a second Bear may be taken for $2,000 ($1,000 for the hunt and $1,000 for the trophy fee).


Hunt Special Namibia


Hi guys,

One of my Namibian outfitters has a hunt special going right now for 2 person. This area is a privately owned farm SE of Windhoek, low volume and low pressure hunting area, family owned and operated. The lodge is a nice atmosphere for kids and wives.

The hunt special Namibia is for 2x people 7 days $9,100 ($4,550 PP)
2 trophy springbok
2 non-trophy springbok
2 Gemsbok
2 Blesbok
2 Warthog
2 Steenbok
package Includes: accommodations, meals, laundry services, soft drinks, transport to and from the airport, field preparation of trophies, government tax. Tips and additional trophy fees extra



Alligator Hunts in Louisiana


We just wrapped up another great season hunting alligators in Southern Louisiana and we are getting the calendar together for next year 2014. This year Alligator hunts in Louisiana was pretty successful with a dozen in the 8 to 9 foot, three 10 foot, two 11 foot and one monster that went 12′ 6″.

Success rate is 100%, the hunts are conducted via boat and gators are taken on hook and line as well as they can be taken on shore sunning or in the water. We run the hunts from a beautiful 9,000 square foot lodge, with a driving range on the second story and a trap and skeet range iin the back yard.

The 2 day hunt includes all guiding, lodging, meals and drinks, one trophy gator and field prep of your trophy $2,850, LA gator license is $150.

Looking forward to organizing your next Louisiana gator hunt!


Helicopter Pig Eradication Hunts in Texas


We have landed a 41,000 acre ranch north of Houston that is covered in feral swine and coyotes. The owner wants to run a couple of helicopter hunts over the land and thin out or wipe out his growing problem. These eradication pig hunts are the most fun you can have with a gun in your hand.

The pig hunts are conducted from Friday to Sunday, arrive Friday for safety briefing and instruction, then start flying. We run two shooters in the chopper at once with Ar-15′s. Flights are run in shifts of 30-45 minutes (or till you run out of ammo), everyone has an opportunity throughout the day to fly at different times.

Shooters typically run ar-15′s as this is a wooded area and we would be flying above the trees. you can use a shotgun if you wish some of our clients have had good luck with them in the past.

In the past we have averaged from 200-500 pigs in a weekend and usually 12-14 coyotes.

We will be setting up a couple of trips in the spring in February and March, they tend to fill up quickly and if you are interested please let me know.

Regular price is $3,750, but the new ranch does not have a lodge, there is a hotel just 10 minutes away. We provide; food, soft drinks, and beer after the hunting is done, safety gear and instruction, state permits, helicopter, pilot and chopper time.
We do not provide firearms, ammo or a valid Texas hunting license ($55 for non resident)

Price for these eradication pig hunts in Texas will be $3,500 for the weekend.


Night Vision Thermal Pig Hunts in Texas


We offer a great hunt down here in Texas, it’s a little bit out of the ordinary, but a ton of fun as well as inexpensive. Night vision and thermal pig hunts, these are 1 or 2 night hunts close to Houston. We provide all the guns, gear, ammo and soft drinks for the duration of the hunt. Hunts start just before dusk and usually run 6-7 hours from there. No limit on pigs. We run 100% opportunity and average about 6-8 pigs per night but we have shot over 20 before in just a few hours. Hunts are $600 per man per night, 2 person minimum. Lodging is not included, but we can set it up for large groups. Valid Texas hunting license is required.


Big Game Hunting in Argentina


Beautiful estancia located in Santa Rosa offers excellent big game hunting in Argentina as well as great accommodations and service. Additional trophies may be added.

5 Days hunting and trophy fees included
Red stag
Wild boar
1 day dove shooting

6 days hunting and trophy fees included
Red stag
Water buffalo
Wild boar
1 day dove shooting

Daily rates include:
lodging, transportation
home cooked meals
hunting guides
Trophy preparation.

Daily rates exclude:
Transportation to Santa Rosa Argentina
Hunting license
Trophy shipping (we will ensure that you receive the correct paperwork to contact a shipping company for the exportation of the trophies)
Gun rental if needed $50 per day


Hunting Dove in Argentina


Father and son fall hunting Dove in Argentina. This lodge in Cordoba is considered one of the finest lodges in Argentina, the staff and the hunting are amazing and they are known for their 5 minute drives to the hunting areas.

September to December dates available.
Parent pays full price, son/daughter comes for free (no age restrictions).
3 day hunt is $2,100 (30% off regular price for a single hunter)

All ground transportation to/from Cordoba airport and hunting grounds
Six (6) dove hunts (2 per day)
Professional hunting guides
Deluxe double occupancy lodging with private bathrooms
All meals, breakfast, lunch, and dinner
All beverages, including selection of the finest Argentine wines, local beers, and local hard liquor
All local taxes and service charges

Not Included:
Transportation to Cordoba Argentina
Shells $12.75 per box of 25
Hunting licenses (currently US$65 per day)
Gun entry permit U$S 140 per gun or gun rentals $75 per day
All voluntary gratuities


Tanzania Hunt Last Minute Opening Available


Tanzania hunt last minute opening available , 14 days Sept 1-14, 2013.

Available species on quota: 1 leopard, 2 buffalo, 1 waterbuck, 1 hartebeest, 1 wildebeest, 1 warthog, 1 reedbuck, 1 impala, 1 duiker, there may be additional quota for sable as well.

1×1 14 day hunt is US$23,800, government royalties and fees are US$11,900 and includes two rifle import permits.

Trophy fees, tips, alcohol and charter flight (US$4,100) are not included


Discounted Montana Mule Deer Hunt


One of our hunting outfitters in Montana was just notified of some additional over the counter tags in his area. His hunts are 4 days long and include 1 trophy mule deer, average in the area is 160″ but with a great spring and 2 easy winters, he thinks the potential for some great deer is definitely high and hopes to see some deer hit the 180″ mark this season. His normal hunt price is $3,995 + license and tag, for a 4 day 1 deer hunt, he is willing to discount them to $3,600 plus license and tag ($565) for our clients. if you are interested please let me know quickly as I don’t expect them to last.


Tanzania Leopard Buffalo Cancellation Hunt


One of our clients has just had to cancel his Tanzania hunt for Leopard Buffalo for this year. This is short notice on the hunt, but a great opportunity if you have ever dreamed of hunting the Selous. The special hunt is for a 16 day Leopard/Buffalo, full bag plains game hunt for 1 hunter and 1 observer.

Normally cats are only allowed on a 21 day license, the rate for a hunter and observer would be US$49,875 (plus government fees of $13,750 and extras). The cancellation price for the 16 day Leopard hunt is US$20,000 (plus government fees US$13,750 and extras) $29,000+ Discount.

Hunt Dates are July 25-August 9, 2013 (Arrive into Dar Es Salaam on July 24 and depart August 10, 2013)

Additional fees:
Return air charter to Selous US$4200 (this last years rates and is subject to change)
Observer Government Royalty US$1600
Observer concession fee US$800
Import license for two rifles @ US$250 per gun US$500
Deposit on Game fees US$15,000

Not included:
Trophy fees for animals killed or wounded, any before/after hunt expenses, alcoholic beverages, dipping/packing ($2,800), firearm permits ($250/rifle), shipping, domestic air transport ($4,000 RT), government concession fees/license ($13,690) and gratuities.

The setting of this hunt is the Selous Game Reserve. It is uninhabited and devoted solely to wildlife management. The hunting safari will be based from a solar powered, luxury camp with en-suite tents and stewards, waiters, porters, skinners, trackers, drivers and a cook on hand ensure an authentic African experience.

Safari includes accommodations, meals, 1×1 guide service and field prep. Additional hunters or observers are welcome per outfitter’s current price list.

Clients can take:
1 Leopard US$4500
1 Sable antelope US$3100
2 Buffalo 1st US$2500, 2nd US$2600
1 Bushbuck US$700
1 Bushpig US$500
1 Duiker US$350
1 Hartebeest US$750
1 Hyena US$600
1 Baboon US$170
1 Crocodile US$2100
1 Reedbuck US$550
1 Wildebeest US$800
1 Waterbuck US$1200
1 Zebra US$1500
1 Warthog US$550
1 Civet cat $300


Hunting Specials and Cancellation Hunts


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“Jerome, this is our last hunting day and we got the final animal on our list of ten. My son Tim and I had the time of our lives. Seven days doing what we love to do in one of the most beautiful and natural surroundings I could imagine. The PH and hunting party were awesome. I would recommend this hunting trip to any and all who love hunting. The accommodations were perfect. The food and service wonderful. Thank you all!!”
Joe Wyson, Nevada, USA




“Hello Jerome, My time here in Africa has been wonderful, thanks to the great weather, fantastic trophies and most of all the excellent hunting team and house staff. Our hostess was very friendly, helpful and a real treat to come back to after a long day in the field. As for my PH there is not enough ink in my pen to list out his talents or personal qualities, he is an amazing hunter and I look forward to hunting with him and his team again very soon. Thank you again for coordinating this unforgettable experience.”
Derek West, California, USA




“For me Africa is a really special place that I will continue to return to again and again. My first hunting safari in Africa was booked with Jerome, he has continued to send me to numerous outfits from every corner of the globe. I proposed to my wife in Namibia with Jerome help organizing it down to the last detail. I’ve been back to Namibia 3 times and each time is special. I have so many good memories of amazing hunting. Since my first hunt in Africa, I have gone on to hunt over 230 species around the world.”
Matt Ward, California, USA




“Hunting in Africa was once only a dream for American sportsmen. Now a plains game hunt is as affordable as a Western elk hunt, while travel to the bush has become relatively quick and painless. The proliferation of hunting outfitters in South Africa and Namibia, however, leaves some travelers scratching their heads. “With whom should I book?” I’ve taken several plains game safaris and prefer Namibia over South Africa. Among outfitters, Ozondjahe ranks near the top. Its professional hunters are capable and keen to bring you shooting. Accommodations and food will leave you wishing for the same at home. And there’s a wide variety of game, with plenty of acreage to ensure a fair-chase hunt. It’s easy to reach from Windhoek, a great pick for a first safari and sure to please even seasoned African hunters.”
Wayne van Zwoll, Washington, USA




“Dear Jerome, Just a short note to tell you what a wonderful time we had. My children and I fell in love with Africa. What a beautiful part of the world! As I know you will soon be discussing specifics with my husband, I will only say that our seven year old is still walking on air after having shot his first african trophy, a warthog. The staff at the outfit were very kind and helpful. I now think of our PH as a member of the family. He was wonderful with our children. I hope to one day return! All the best!”
Kyle and Sam Tilden, Wyoming, USA




“What a wonderful experience! We were welcomed and made to feel part of the family! Jerome you met and exceeded our expectations! Thank you for all you did to organize and help make our African journey beyond our wildest dreams! Lots of love The Smiths”
Lamar, Deborrah and Max Smith




“Our safari surpassed our expectations from the aspect of hunting, accommodations, hospitality and activities which were non-hunting. While I was hunting my wife and friends enjoyed their day trips and overnight trips. Our meals and accommodations were excellent. In my hunting trips I was surprised by both the quantity and quality of the animals I saw. The trophies that my PH selected for me and I shot were all nicely mature and included: Gemsbok, Impala, Cape Eland, Red Hartebeest, Blue Wildebeest, Black Wildebeest, Zebra and Kudu. My Leopard was a large male which I shot on the ground, in the grass, in the sun. A dream come true!”
Richard Rowland, Alberta, Canada




“We found our African hunting trip to be an enjoyable family vacation combining the hunt, photography and 1st class facilities. Each day was treated as the first day of the hunt by our hunting and house staff. These people were dedicated and knowledgeable about the hunt, the game and its’ habits as well as the history of the area. The airport pickup and escort to Etosha Park made arrangements care free. As for the actual hunt, we’ve never seen so much game and were able to take the trophy class species we desired. Care was taken to take only mature trophy animals to ensure conservation. The accommodations and hunting vehicles were top notch. I will recommend this outfit and your services to anyone.”
Bob, Helen and Sarah Shogren, Washington, USA




“Sejour inoubliable  pour 1 chasseur et 6 accompagnants. Territoire exceptionnel et gibier abondant mais difficile d’approche et de tir (heureusement!). Service, logement et nourriture irreprochable.”
Olivier Rostan, Switzerland




“Jerome, Thank you for one of, if not the best, plains game hunts of my life. The lodge was 5 stars, the people 5 stars, the food was 5 stars and our PH is a friend for life. Thanks again.”
Dave Revering, Utah, USA




“We had an incredible time on our family hunting safari. The hunting was non stop fun. The staff was full of helpful, kind and quality people and the lodge and meals were great. I really cannot find anything to criticize about our hunting experience. Hunters experienced and inexperienced, I strongly recommend booking with Jerome, he took care of us from start to finish. I truly had an excellent experience of a lifetime.”
Nathan Pruitt, Texas, USA




“Jerome, Thoroughly enjoyed my third trip to Africa. Took all the animals I needed to finish my growing trophy room. As always PH’s for both bow and rifle hunting were excellent. I am looking forward to booking with you again. If someone needs a further reference have them give me a call. Warmest regards,”
Tom Pritchard, Kentucky, USA




“Dear Jerome, I just wanted to send you an quick email to say how much we had enjoyed our safari. It was the most tremendous place and we were so well looked after by excellent and very friendly staff. The lodge was very comfortable and the food delicious. The hunting really was excellent and between the two of us on a 2×1 hunt, I think we just about got every trophy we were after, which is pretty amazing in only 8 days and in the extreme heat of late November. Our PH was really a revelation. I have hunted with a number of PHs, all of whom I thought were excellent, but none of whom comes close to our PH on this trip. He was relaxed, fun, entertaining, extremely knowledgable, very good company and a superb PH. He really made it an outstanding hunt. You asked me to let you know if I though anything could have been done better and I honestly can’t think of a single thing. The attention to detail and sheer professionalism of yourself and the outfit you sent us to made it an incredible, unforgettable experience. Many, many thanks.”
William Price, United Kingdom