Night Vision and Thermal Pig Hunts

In my spare time, which of course is so abundant, I own and operate another company that runs night vision/thermal Pig hunts and helicopter hunts near Houston Texas.

In another thread we were talking about night vision and thermal equipment and I thought, I would offer it here to see if anyone is interested.

This year has been a great year for Pigs and we have had some big nights. Our biggest night this year was 60 Pigs in 8 hours. Most nights we shoot at 10-20 Pigs. But I don’t have a limit and you can shoot till you are tired or we run out of ammo.

The hunts start at dark and I provide, night vision and thermal gear, guns scopes, ammo, transportation and 120,000 acres of hunting ground. you can shoot all the Pigs and varmints you want.

As its a night hunt I don’t provide lodging, but there is a motel close by our hunting area. Out of state hunting license is $48 for Pigs and varmints. The hunts are $600 per person. We run a max group of 4 guys at a time. its a fun hunt and definitely something different.

And you get to hang out with me. That’s a bonus, Right?

Please email me for more details on this night vision and thermal Pig hunts.