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Hunting Canada

Hunting Canada

Canada is one of the most game rich countries on earth. We are proud to represent some of the best hunting outfitters in this hunters’ paradise. We offer hunts in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Quebec, and the Canadian Arctic for every major Canadian big game species.

Hunting Alberta
Our Alberta hunting outfitter hunts some of the best Mule Deer, Whitetail, Shiras Moose, and Elk habitat we’ve ever seen. Moose and Elk tags are somewhat limited, but he has a few tags for both species and takes some absolute monsters on those hunts. His Mule Deer population is as high as we’ve ever seen and trophy quality is excellent, with a mid 170s average and several bucks approaching the 200 inch mark taken every year with rifle and bow. His Whitetail program is just coming on, but the hunts are reasonably priced and you can expect to shoot a 150 class buck on the four day hunt.

Hunting British Columbia
We have long, successful partnerships with several hunting outfitters in Canada’s most game rich province. In southern British Columbia, we hunt Mountain Goats, Bighorn Sheep, Black Bears, moose and Mule Deer. We hunt coastal British Columbia for monster Black Bears. Farther north, our outfitter produces outstanding Stone Sheep, Mountain Caribou, Moose, Mountain Goats and Grizzlies.

We’ve worked with most of our British Columbia hunting outfitters since 1999. They have excellent success rates and a proven reputation for taking good care of their clients. Expect well mannered horses, good tack, clean camps and world class hunting in some of the most picturesque country in North America.

Hunting Canada

Hunting Manitoba
If you’re hunting for a Barren ground Caribou, look no further than our Manitoba hunting outfitter. His luxurious lodge happens to sit right in the path of the 500,000 head Qamanirjuaq Caribou herd’s annual migration. This hunt has a 100% success rate and it’s one of the few in the North Country where you can relax at night in your own private cabin after a gourmet meal. When your bulls are down, you can pass the time catching fish right at the lodge. It is a wonderful experience that must be seen to be believed.

Hunting Quebec
The Quebec Labrador Caribou is still one of the most sought after big game species in Canada. Changing migration routes have hurt many outfitters, but our hunting outfitter has one of the northernmost areas in Quebec. Consequently, his Caribou hunting is still excellent. Great infrastructure, nice camps and plentiful caribou make our hunt your best bet for a braggin’ size bull.

Hunting Canadian Arctic
Our hunting outfitter is widely regarded as the premier outfitter in the Canadian Arctic. He has great areas and maintains a fully equipped, permanent base camp that stays in constant contact with every hunting party to insure that they are adequately supplied and safe. He also has the best guides in the Arctic, as evidenced by his tremendous presence in the SCI and Boone and Crockett record books for Polar Bear, Arctic Grizzly, Musk Ox and Caribou (Arctic Island and Barren ground). Come see for yourself why those in the know agree that our hunting outfitter is the best in the Arctic.

We look forward to helping make your Canada hunting adventure the best it can be!

Bird Hunting North America

We represent the finest wing shooting outfitters in North America. We offer world class wild Quail and Doves in South Texas, South Dakota Pheasant and waterfowl in Missouri. We also work with five star lodges in Idaho and Washington that combine fine dining and unsurpassed service with fantastic Pheasant and Chukar hunting.

We look forward to helping make your North America bird hunting adventure the best it can be!


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Matt Bettersworth, Texas, USA

I met James Jeffrey 15 years ago at a trade show we both attended. Since, I have booked hunts and hunted with him on several occasions. We have also spent quite a bit of time together at the various Safari Club shows for many years. I can attest to James’ integrity as a person and as an outfitter. We regularly refer our clients to James for their hunting needs with complete confidence. He has always looked out for my best interest and has been sincere and honest in all of our dealing in hunting, business, and in life.
Matt Bettersworth, Texas, USA

Tim Brandt, Minnesota, USA

“I’ve been working with James for several years, and have found him a true professional. He handles all the details and is always available and willing to help with anything that arises. He’s well known by outfitters across the world and knows how to cater to a wide variety of clients.”
Tim Brandt, Minnesota, USA

David Fuqua, Texas, USA

“I’ve known James Jeffery for about eight years. I’ve always known him to be an honest and ethical person. I’ve seen James work with clients many times at the Dallas Safari Club Conventions and Houston Safari Club Conventions. He does so in a very polite and professional manor. I would not hesitate to do business with or recommend James Jeffery to anyone looking to book a hunt.”
David Fuqua, Texas, USA