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Hunting Namibia

Hunting Namibia

Namibia is one of Africa’s premier hunting destinations for plains game and Leopards. We are proud to say we work with the finest Leopard outfitter in Namibia. Once hound hunting re-opens, he will begin hunting the huge cattle killers that inhabit central Namibia with his highly regarded hounds. In the meantime, he continues to produce outstanding toms over bait from a comfortable ranch house situated in the middle of his 90,000 acre hunting concession.

Hunting Namibia

Our Kalahari based plains game outfitter hunts a large, unfenced ranch that consists of a mix of Kalahari sand dunes and broken brush. This arid area produces the biggest Gemsbok and Springbok in Africa. Kudu, Eland, Wildebeest, Impala and Warthog also grow to record book proportions in the Kalahari. This family owned outfit houses their hunters in beautifully appointed chalets adjacent to their luxurious safari lodge. This is an ideal family destination.
Namibia, formerly known as South West Africa, has a rich and interesting history. At one time the British Empire took partial possession of Namibia and later the Germans colonized the country until the First World War. Namibia was then placed under the administrative rule of South Africa and was finally granted independence on March 21, 1990.

Since independence, Namibia has benefited from great political stability. It is an easy, safe and affordable hunting destination for a great plains game hunting safari up to a high end big five hunting safari. This is why it is so popular amongst hunters, second only to South Africa in the numbers of hunters who visit annually, averaging more than 5,000 international hunters per year. Namibia has become a favorite amongst first time hunters, family groups of hunters as well as long time African hunting veterans who appreciate the benefits of hunting in Namibia.

Hunting properties range in size from private land of a few thousand acres to million acre hunting concessions where hunters can discover a country and its wildlife that are among the most beautiful, varied and rich that Africa has to offer. The hunting areas are spread throughout the country from north to south. In the vast majority of the cases, these are private areas managed by their individual owners or hunting companies.

The majority of the hunting in Namibia takes place on private game ranches which are found throughout the country. Safari hunting is allowed on private game ranches, conservancies where hunting is permitted and within government hunting concession areas which are only found in the North of the country.

In Namibia, the habitat of the hunting areas is composed of dense thorny savanna, shrub savanna and large semi-desert plains. The terrain in some hunting areas can be challenging, even mountainous. The elevation of the high plains in much of the country where many of the prime hunting areas are located can also cause hunting to be more strenuous for those who are not used to it.

Namibia along with South Africa are the only two countries in Africa where one can hunt the entire big five; Lion, Leopard, Buffalo, Elephant and Rhino (White as well as Black Rhinoceros). Most of the plains game hunting safaris, along with Leopard hunting, take place in the lower two thirds of Namibia. Leopards are hunted both with dogs and on bait and can be found in many areas. While Lion, Buffalo, Elephant and Rhino are hunted on a very limited basis and primarily harvested in the Northern most part of the country, including the Caprivi Strip. Cheetah can be found throughout Namibia and can also be hunted.

Namibia is most well known for the availability of numerous species for plains game hunting. The most famous and emblematic animal of Namibia, the Oryx, is found throughout the territories of Namibia. The following species are also found in abundance; Cape Eland, Greater Kudu, Blue Wildebeest, Black Wildebeest, Blesbok, Impala, Steenbok, Klipspringer, Warthog…

Hunting in Namibia is most often done on foot, sometimes directly from the lodge or camp, but more often by driving a 4×4 from the lodge to the area to be hunted, then tracking on foot once in the bush. The spot and stalk hunting technique is quite often used as well. In Namibia, the professional hunters are usually white Namibian PHs.

In most of the private hunting areas the accommodations are permanent lodges and/or bungalows. These lodges are very comfortable and some are even quite luxurious. A few outfitters provide tent camps for special occasions such as remote hunts from the main lodge.

Hunting areas are accessible by road from the country’s capital, Windhoek. Depending on the location of the hunting area, the drive is on average 2 to 5 hours. The roads are excellent however, since many hunting areas have their own airstrip, transfer by chartered plane is also possible, but not required.

We look forward to helping make your Namibia hunting adventure the best it can be!

Bird Hunting Africa

We represent the finest bird hunting outfitters in Africa, please contact us for complete information on our Africa bird hunts.

Bird Hunting Africa

We look forward to helping make your Africa bird hunting adventure the best it can be!

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