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Hunting Texas

Hunting Texas

We outfit Whitetail, Pig and exotic hunts on several ranches throughout Texas. We also book free-range Aoudad, Pronghorn and Mule Deer hunts in far West Texas. Most of our Deer and Hog hunts take place in South Texas and we hunt exotics primarily in the scenic Hill Country. Our ranches are selected for the quality of game and the overall hunting experience they provide. We don’t hunt any small ranches and if a property is high fenced, it must be large enough and offer enough cover to ensure a fair chase hunting experience.

Hunting Whitetail

We hunt Whitetails on several ranches in South Texas’ famed Golden Triangle. Our South Texas ranches range in size from 1,200 to 10,000 acres and all are low fenced and well managed for a true fair chase hunting experience. While the size of each ranch and the lodging provided varies, each provides comfortable accommodations, good food and an excellent chance at taking a fantastic trophy buck.

We offer both Medal and trophy hunts. Medal bucks are generally mature, heavy horned eight point bucks or over the hill nine or ten pointers selected by your guide. These bucks usually range between 120 to 145 B&C. Trophy bucks range from 145 on up. Our biggest bucks have scored in the high 180s B&C, but the average trophy buck will score in the mid to high 150s.

Our Hill Country hunts are an excellent choice for corporate or family groups looking for a nice buck and an affordable, quality hunting experience. While we do not shoot many monsters on these hunts, we have a virtual 100% success rate on mature bucks in the 110 to 140 range and we do occasionally shoot bucks over 150.

Hunting Pigs

Hunting Pigs

Across the nation the eral Pig is quickly becoming one of the country’s most popular animals to hunt. As their numbers continue to grow exponentially and the economy declines, Pigs are a great affordable and challenging hunt. We work with numerous outfitters around the country to offer hunts that will fit almost any budget and style of hunt. Our most popular hunts are spot and stalk, still hunting, hog’s with dogs, night vision hunts and helicopter hunts.

Helicopter Pig Hunting

We have exclusive access to over 150,000 acres of prime Pig country. Our hunts are more expensive than our competitors, but on average we shoot more Pigs in a day than they shoot in a week. We fly our properties no more than twice a year, to keep the numbers high and the shooting is incredible, unlike our competitors who fly the same properties week in and week out, we prefer to maintain the quality of our hunts instead of quantity.

Night Vision and Thermal Pig Hunting

Hunting Turkey and Predators

Our South Texas ranches have large populations of predators and Turkeys. This ensures steady action and high success rates. These hunts are very affordable, yet you’ll receive the same quality food, lodging and guide services that you would on any of our trophy Whitetail hunts.

Hunting Exotics

Hunting Exotics

Our exotic hunts take place in the Texas Hill Country. We hunt several properties for over 30 species of game from around the world. While our ranches are mostly high fenced, they are large enough (most are between 1,500 to 3,500 acres) and rough enough to provide a quality hunting experience. Our hunts are primarily spot and stalk or from a blind, depending on the hunter’s physical condition and experience level.

Our most popular species are:
Axis Deer
Blackbuck Antelope
Fallow Deer
Rams (Corsican, Dall, Hawaiian)
Red Stag
Scimitar Oryx
Sika Deer

Hunting West Texas

We offer Pronghorn, Mule Deer and free range Aoudad hunts with the best outfitter in West Texas. He has taken many Texas Big Game Award winning bucks on his well managed, protein fed West Texas ranch. The ranch also has a beautiful lodge and a healthy Pronghorn herd with excellent trophy quality.

The same outfitter also hunts several hundred thousand acres of prime Aoudad habitat in the Glass, Davis and Chinyati mountains. This is a fun, challenging hunt in beautiful country that consistently produces heavy, ancient rams over 30 inches.

We look forward to helping make your Texas hunting adventure the best it can be!

Bird Hunting North America

We represent the finest wing shooting outfitters in North America. We offer world class wild Quail and Doves in South Texas, South Dakota Pheasant and waterfowl in Missouri. We also work with five star lodges in Idaho and Washington that combine fine dining and unsurpassed service with fantastic Pheasant and Chukar hunting.

We look forward to helping make your North America bird hunting adventure the best it can be!


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“Quelle formidable sejour! Paysages extraordinaires. Egalement tres touche par l’accueil et la disponibilite de nos hotes. Un sejour que l’on ne risque pas d’oublier de si tot.”
Remy et Vincent Kocher, France

Marwan Kheireddine, Lebanon

“Jerome, This trip would not have been filled with adventure and anticipation had it not been for all your efforts and attention to details… I thank you from the bottom of my heart and wish you and your charming family the best of life.”
Marwan Kheireddine, Lebanon

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“All the family have had unforgettable days on our Hunting Safaris. The place is full of animals and perfectly prepared for hunting. The people are absolutely nice, especially our PH who is really a good PH and has had an incredible patience with our 3 children. Thanks Jerome and everyone for all, we’ll always remember these nice days.”
Carlos Mateos, Spain