Brown Bear Hunt Alaska Peninsula

One of my Alaska hunting outfitter has two Brown Bear hunts available on the Alaskan peninsula. These hunts are $14,000 each and are 10 days long, Brown Bears in this area averge 8-8.5 foot. The hunt is fully guided and includes meals, lodging, guides, trophy prep and any flying once the client is in camp.

Additional cost would be charter to camp $750 from king salmon, license and tag. Dates for this year are Sept 15-25, 2015.

Please email me if you are interested.



Exportable Elephant Hunt in Namibia

One of my outfitters in the Caprivi has a a cancellation hunt for an exportable bull Elephant. The Elephant hunt is for this year and the dates available are: 25 July to 10 Aug, 13 Aug to 10 Sept, 13 October to 5 November. The area is 28,700 HA and is primarily made up of a floodplain with tall grass in the drier months. The average for the area is 48# but for guys that are willing to put in the effort and hunt hard bigger bulls are there and there is NO SIZE LIMIT on bulls. If you take a 90# then that is great, no extra charge.

The hunt is 14 days plus arrival and departure day, all in for the hunt $45,000. Airfare, shipping and taxidermy, not included.

If the Elephant hunt is taken late season, there will probably be a Buffalo available $7,500
Other game available
Hippo $4000
Kudu $1500
Zebra $1500
Wildebeest $900
Duiker and Warthog $400
On the odd chance that He has a Leopard tag left, it can be added at $ 5000 if hunted successful.
Roan and Sable, at $9000 each.

Please email me for additional details.


Muskox Hunt in Canada with Record Holding Area

Muskox Hunt in Canada Barren Ground with Record Holding Area

Here is one of my specialty hunts that I exclusively book for. You may know the name FRED WEBB. Fred had the #1 area by far for Barren Ground Muskox. All the record books are dominated by Fred Webb or the Kugluktuk area including all the World Records and the majority if not all of the top 10’s in each!

I now work directly with the Community of Kugluktuk and the same people who Fred had working for him. Since I have taken over from Fred 4 years ago the quality of the hunt has remained the same or if not improved. We are still harvesting Boone & Crockett bulls each and every year. This past season was no exception with half the bulls green scoring into the B&C and/or the P&Y record books including one bull that scored into the top 5 of B&C and one Bull scoring into the top 5 of P&Y. There is simply no better place to hunt Barren Ground Muskox PERIOD!

These hunts take place from mid-March to mid-April each spring.
1 hunter with 1 Guide travelling with another hunter and guide.
5.5 days of hunting.
Excellent Bow hunt or Rifle
$ 8500 USD + 5% Federal Tax
$ 52.50 CDN License
$ 157.50 CDN Harvest Fee
$ 1500 USD Approx. Flight cost for Edmonton, Alberta to Kugluktuk and return.

$4000 USD Deposit Required.

Easy to get to from anywhere in USA or Canada.
Arrive in Kugluktuk by Commercial plane and start your hunt immediately.
Limited space available for 2016 hunts.

Please feel free to contact me for more information or to answer any questions.

muskox-hunt-01 muskox-hunt-02 muskox-hunt-03 muskox-hunt-04 muskox-hunt-05

Cull Hunts Botswana

With most of the big game hunting in Botswana now closed there is still plains game hunting available on privately owned farms. One of my hunting outfitters has a huge ranch there and he has a few openings for some cull hunts. Trophy hunts are also available there as well. This is a great opportunity to see a new country and get some shooting in without breaking the bank.

Cull hunts are a minimum of 2 people and 7 days, $2,275 PP.

Wildebeest bulls $250
Wildebeest cows $150
Kudu cows $150
Eland cows $400
Broken horn bulls same price as cows

Daily rates include:
Meeting upon arrival in Maun
Full services of a professional hunter
Full camp staff and services
Meals and local drinks
Daily laundry service.

The following items are Not included in the daily rate:
– Trophy fees
– Gratuities
– Dipping, packing, and shipping of trophies
– Gun permits at $150/gun
– Air charter to camp (optional)
– Shotgun ammunition at $1/round
– Pre or post-hunt hotels
– 12% VAT (trophy fees are exempt)
– Road transfer to and from camp at $300/vehicle
– San cultural dancing
– Bird shooting at $300/week per person
– Botswana ammo tax


Discounted Alaskan Arctic Grizzly Hunt North Slope

Here is a great deal on a Discounted Alaskan Arctic Grizzly hunt North Slope. It is with a very reputable outfitter whom I have worked with for over 20 years and have had great success.

Regular Hunt cost is $16,500 USD
Pick-up point is Anaktuvuk Pass via Fairbanks, AK
You will be met by the outfitter in Anaktuvuk Pass, Alaska and taken on a short charter flight to the camp where you will meet your guide.
Tented camp with cots and mattresses
All hunting is done on foot by spot and stalk
Barren Ground Caribou available on a opportunity bases
This is a fully guided 1×1 hunt
Only 2 dates available for 2015
Hunt #1: August 9-18
Hunt #2: August 20-29

$12,500 USD Special discount for 2015 only
$585 USD Bear License
$325 USD Caribou Tag
$1,000 USD Charter from Anaktuvuk Pass to camp
$1,000 USD* Caribou Harvest fee

$6000 USD deposit required with final balance due 60 days prior to the hunt.
Please let me know if anyone may be interested.
I can put anyone that is serious in direct contact with the outfitter as well.



Black Bear Hunt Canada Big Discount Cancellation

Just had a couple guys drop out on a hunt with their deposits paid. This is a 2×1 hunt for big Black Bear with dogs. Dates for the hunt are May 25-31, fly in on the 24th and out on the 31st or on the 1st, Kamloops British Columbia. We need two hunters to make it work, great father son hunt.

The outfitter has a great reputation for taking big Bears and 100% success rate.

Regular price is $4,150, cancellation price is $2,500 PP, plus tax (2.5%) license and tag and NRHP fund. meals and lodge are included in the hunt. Second Bear can be added for the license cost and $1,500 TF.

Please let me know ASAP if you are interested.



Leopard Hunt Discounted Namibia

My best Namibian Leopard hunting outfitter has a couple of tags left and he is trying to finish out his calendar.

Regular price on the 14 day hunt is $21,685, he is offering these hunts at $18,200, including trophy fee.

The hunt includes:
Pick up and return to Windhoek
lodging and meals
full staff
6 bait animals
leopard trophy fee
all licenses
transport to taxidermist.

Not included:
additional bait animals if needed
additional trophies if desired
dip and pack.

This is a great hunt and one of the best cat guys in Namibia, his success rate is phenomenal. Let me know if you are interested.


Free Range Buffalo Hunts South Africa

One of our hunting outfitters has some free range Buffalo hunts in the Kruger area for sale. He is offering these at a discount rate.

This is a real deal hunt in the Kruger area for old hard bossed Buffalo bulls up to 38″ but if the client sees a big one over the size range and in the age class, they will be allowed to take it.

The price is an all in price including trophy fee daily rate and airport pickup, the outfitter has also agreed to add an observer in at no charge. there is some limited plains game in the area and those can be taken as well for applicable trophy fees, observer is allowed to hunt as well for no additional charge.

1×1 7 day hunt is $15,500 PP
2×1 7 day hunt is $14,500 PP
4×2 7 day hunt is $13,000 PP

This is a quality free range hunt with a well known outfitter in a free range area, this is not a ranch hunt.


Ssese Island Sitatunga Hunt and Nile Buffalo Hunt Uganda

My hunting outfitter in Uganda has a couple of tags left in his area for Ssese Island Sitatunga and Nile Buffalo. He is offering some special pricing for these hunts to try and fill them.

He has 2 spots available for Ssese Island Sitatunga, 10 day hunts $1500 per day and $5,000 trophy fee for the Sitatunga, making the hunt $20,000, regular price is $25,000. license permit etc are $2,050.

He also has two spots available to hunt Nile Buffalo, 9 day hunt at $1500 per day, trophy fee $5,000. other species available on a trophy fee basis are: Jackson’s Hartebeest, Defassa Waterbuck, Guenthers Dik Dik, Bohor Reedbuck, EA Bush Duiker and Oribi. License, permits and charter are $2,850.

If you are interested please let me know ASAP.



Discounted South Africa Leopard Hunt 2015

One of my south African hunting outfitters has a coveted tag available for a Leopard in RSA. South Africa is known for producing some big cats. Hunting pressure is low and cats tend to respond very well to baits.

Fly into and out of Johannesburg for pick up. This is a baited hunt, 14 days long. After you take your Leopard you can go after plains game in the area on a trophy fee basis.

Regular price on this hunt is $28,000, the hunt has been discounted to $22,000 +VAT on DR. Daily rates are $14,000, Leopard Trophy Fee is $8,000.

Leopard trophy fee will be refunded is a cat is not taken.

Outfitter prefers zebra and impala for bait, $700 and 250 respectively. Pre-baiting can be arranged for a nominal cost.

Available dates for the hunt are
11 – 24 May 2015
07 – 20 August 2015

If you are interested please let me know ASAP.


Free Range Red Stag Hunt New Zealand

I work with a great hunting outfitter in New Zealand, who focuses on free range Red Stag hunt, Chamois, Tahr and Fallow Deer. Nice ranch style accommodations on 25,000 acres of pristine New Zealand countryside.

He has some very good pricing for his hunts. Prices are inclusive of guide, lodge, meals, VAT, airport transfer and trophy fees.

Free range Red Stag hunt New Zealnad, no size limit and some stag over 400″ have been taken in the area 5 day 4 night, including stag $4,750

Free range Red Stag and Chamois hunt $7,250

Free range Red Stag and Fallow Deer $7,500





Free Range Hunting in South Africa Special

Hey guys, I have put together a budget hunt for guys wanting to experience low fence, free range hunting in South Africa special. This is also a great time to take advantage of the lower priced airfare we have seen this year.

5 Days 2×1 hunt
Trophy Cape Kudu
Trophy Impala
Trophy Warthog or Springbok
Cull Blesbok
Cull Black Wildebeest
Airport pickup from Port Elizabeth

All inclusive $3800
Additional days and trophies can be added at regular prices.
I am only going to sell a limited number of these please let me know if you are interested.


Boat Based Mountain Goat Hunt

One of my outfitters just let me know that he has one opening left got his 2015 yacht based Alaska Mountain Goat. Goat hunting is never easy but this as easy as it will get. Based from their 50 foot yacht, with hot showers beds and home cooked meals it does not get any better.

Based from the boat you will head out each day glassing the hillsides from the waterways. once a big billy is spotted the rest is on foot. While Goat hunting is never easy this is probably as easy as you will get. I do recommend hunters be in decent shape and you should not have a problem. Average goats are 9.5″ with some great hair. Hunt dates are Sept 30 to Oct 06, cost is $11,500 plus license and tag.





Tanzania Buffalo Hunt Special 2015

With Buffalo prices around Africa continuing to rise, there are still a few good deals to be had. My outfitter in Tanzania is offering a Tanzania Buffalo hunt special 2015 package for AH members. While Tanzania will never be cheap, the option to take 2 Buffalo on one safari does make it much more attractive. Especially with the cost of a single buff hunt in Zimbabwe right at $18,000.

The area is in the Selous and has not been hunted for many years, price includes: All inclusive wilderness luxury tented camp, 3 course dinner, butler, daily laundry, experienced staff and some of the best PH’s in the business.

The hunt is 10 days and includes all the government fees, transfer and import of 1x rifle. There is also some limited PG available on quota as well, PG is on a TF basis.

10 day 1x Buffalo included $19,000, second Buffalo can be added for $7,000 USD.

Prices do not include additional trophy fees, export of trophies, or tips.



End of Season Deal on Exportable Bull Elephant Hunt Namibia

Well this may be the last of the affordable Elephant hunts, with TZ and Zim still not allowed to export to the USA, I really expect prices will continue to rise.

10 day bull Elephant hunt, the area is in the Caprivi strip and the Elephant is exportable to the USA if you are so inclined. The outfitter expects to take a mature bull between the 40-60 pound range.

The are has a good Elephant population and success rate should be excellent. Cost for the hunt is $29,000 USD, if an Elephant is not taken you will be refunded the trophy fee of $22,500.

Additional animals available of TF basis
Hippo $ 4000
Crocodile $ 4000
Letchwe $ 4000
Kudu $ 1250
Zebra $ 1250
Blue Wildebeest $900
Impala $ 400
Warthog/Duiker $ 250

The price and the hunt is available through the end of November, if you are interested please let me know.



Last Minute Leopard Hunting Deal in Namibia

We have one Leopard tag available with a top notch outfitter. There is some flexibility on the dates and the season runs till the end of November.

The outfitter is running baits already and has cats hitting those baits. He has been running these baits for a while now and the cats seem to be content.

I get more calls for last minute Leopard hunts, this is the one to take advantage of.

The area is almost 1/2 million acres located near the Waterburg national park. This are is well known for its large Leopard population as well as some big cats come out of this region. This is a fantastic area and a rare opportunity to have an available tag, even more so at a discounted price.

This is a package and includes everything, Pick up and return to airport, PH, Staff, food lodging, license, tag, trophy fees, baits and pre-baiting.

It does not include, alcohol, any taxidermy fees, firearm rentals or ammo or additional trophy fees.


The second and third pics are from just a couple of days ago.
While I can never guarantee a hunt, I think this one should be nearly a slam dunk. Please let me know ASAP.





Big Bull Elephant Hunts Zimbabwe Late Season

Unfortunately for our friends in the USA, these are non exportable Elephant bulls. But for those living out of the USA these Elephant bulls are exportable from Zimbabwe.

These are two prime areas for really a big tusker.

I have 2 Elephant bulls available in Tsholo south, where you will be looking for a bull 80+ pounds. The Elephant hunt is 15 days and is all inclusive for a total of $77,000.

The other area is close to the Botswana border and is normally a 60-70 pound area. This Elephant hunt is also 15 days and the all in price for the hunt is $58,050.

These hunts are available from November 8 and on. Please let me know ASAP if you are interested.


97×103 pounds

72×68 pounds

95×77 pounds

Whitetail Deer Hunt Texas

I work with a great outfitter in South Texas, his area consists of over 60,000 acres of prime Whitetail Deer habitat. This hunt is 100% free range and only mature deer will be taken. His success rate is 100%. There is no top end on score you can take the biggest mature deer seen.

He has some openings left for this year, his trophy Whitetail hunts are fully inclusive of 1×1 guiding, lodging, meals and trophy fee. The hunts are 4 days long and are $7,000 plus Texas hunting license.

He is also offering some big 8 and management 4 day hunts in these same areas. They are $3,000 each plus license.



Buffalo Hunts Zimbabwe Late Season

One of my outfitters has some late season Buffalo hunts in Zimbabwe available. these hunts are in his Save Valley area. The Hunts are 10 days long and are $450 per day, trophy fee for buff is $8,000. $12,500 for the Hunt including TF. Full bag of plains game will also be available at current prices. Available dates from now till Dec 23rd, this year.

Additional expenses are:
MARS $100
Transport Bulawayo and return $1050
dip pack, taxidermy etc.

This a great area for Buffalo, I expect success rate to be very good, with buffalo in the 35-37″ range as a norm.

Let me know if you have any questions.



Mozambique Hunts Discounted

One of my outfitters in Mozambique has some leftover quota. This is a great opportunity to save some money and have a great hunt.

All hunts inclusive of: daily rate/hunting & firearm licence/transport of trophies to Pemba/return air charter/govt & trophy fees – see below price comparison.


SAFARI – # OF DAYS – 2014 – 2015
BUFFALO – 10 – $14,450 – $20,450
LEOPARD – 12 – $21,250 – $30,450
LION/BUFFALO – 14 – $50,000 – $71,700

Available quota
4 x Buffalo
2 x leopard
1 x lion

“Limited offer, dates from September to November 2014”


Cow Elk Hunt New Mexico

One of my New Mexico guys has some 4 cow permits for sale, he would like to sell them as a group.

The ranch is 12,000 acres and has not been hunted in several years, we expect to see 100% success on the hunt.

The hunt is 5 days long and includes food, lodging, guides, taxes, hunting license, cow permit, field prep.

Not included are travel cost, meat processing, taxidermy or tips.

The ranch is located out of Albuquerque and the outfitter will meet you at the ranch.

Five day cow Elk hunt is $2,200 per person all in. We have 4 permits and the dates are very open.


Alligator Hunts Louisiana

We just finished up our annual South Louisiana Alligator hunts, as usual it was a great trip. We focused this year on smaller Alligators in the 9 foot range for boots and belts. Everybody who came this year got to shoot at least two with several guys taking 3-4 lizards each.

This is one of my favorite hunts of the year, the lodge is 10,000 Sq ft and fantastic. Private skeet and trap field and some fantastic Cajun cooking.

If you are interested in joining us next year, the season starts the firs Tuesday in September. The Alligator hunt includes one trophy Alligator or two small Alligators for leather, food, drinks, lodging, guiding and trophy prep. $2,850 for the three day hunt.

Our biggest Alligator this was 11.5 foot, last year it was 12.5 foot and the biggest taken in the are was 13.8 foot.




Discounted Kruger Buffalo Hunt

My outfitter in Kruger has just received an extra Buffalo tag for his area, hunt can be taken between now and march 2015.

The are is 50,000 acres and unfenced all the way to Kruger park. The lodge is a luxury rustic style lodge with private chalets and can be combined with a plains game hunt as well.

Regular price is $19,500, discounted to $17,500.

Includes Buffalo, PH, food, lodge, full camp staff, pick up and return to JNB.
Does not include dip, pack, ship, taxidermy or tips.



Argentina Dove Hunting & Dorado Fishing

This also is a trip I have done in the past and it is a great combination of shooting and fishing. the lodge is very nice and the experience if a great one.

Esquina, Corrientes is one the few places in Argentina where one can find exceptional fishing and world class wing shooting. From the Estancia, we offer limitless miles of Golden Dorado filled-waters and countless acres of farmlands with millions of Dove. Hunters have the opportunity to shoot around 1500 shells per day and anglers will have shots at 10-20lb Golden Dorado.

Cordoba does boast higher numbers of birds, but the addition of some fishing after the Dove hunt is unbeatable and something they don’t offer. Our Estancia has huge numbers of birds and offers fantastic wing shooting and fishing from the same lodge. With short drives to and from the fields and water you wont spend all day in the car.

Trip Basics
Location: Patagonia, Argentina
Number of Nights: 7 When: Oct 1-April 31
Angler-Guide Ratio: 2:1
Trip: 7 nights at Estancia , 6 days fishing the braided channels of the Parana and Corriente River marshlands
Rates per angler:
2 Anglers: $3540
4 Anglers: $3120
6-8 Anglers: $2900

Included: 7 nights lodging, all meals, beer/wine/spirits, guided fishing/shooting, ground transportation to/from the Goya Airport.

Not included: Air travel and related costs, rental gear, shells, gratuities, licenses, on-site itinerary modifications, refunds for missed activities due to delayed flights. Services in Buenos Aires.




Fishing Argentina Golden Dorado

The Dorado is a fantastic fish, I did this a few years ago and it was a great experience. If anybody is interested in going, I would certainly tag along.

Every serious angler should battle Golden Dorado at least once. These thick and gold colored fish are not only stunning to behold, they offer a blood pumping thrill to hook and land. Their aggressive strikes and acrobatics are matched only by Peacock Bass. A Dorado’s strong jaws and sharp teeth destroy flies, bend hooks and their strength will find any weak point in your rod.

From the Estancia, we fish 3 different water systems, all of which are undisturbed and teaming with exotic wildlife. With our expert guides, anglers enjoy 9 hours on the water, exploring the numerous creeks and channels that make up the Corriente and Parana River system.

Back at the lodge, five course dinners are served with fresh, regional dishes and fine wines. Non-anglers can enjoy viewing nature via horseback or boat. We even offer high-volume dove shooting within short drives from the lodge.

Trip Basics
Location: Patagonia, Argentina
Number of Nights: 7 When: Oct 1-April 31Angler-Guide Ratio: 2:1
Trip: 7 nights at Estancia La Pelada, 6 days fishing the braided channels of the Parana and Corriente River marshlands
Rates per angler:
2 Anglers: $3640
4 Anglers: $3270
6-8 Anglers: $3095

Included: 7 nights lodging, all meals, beer/wine/spirits, guided fishing on the river, ground transportation to/from the Goya Airport.

Not included: Air travel and related costs, rental gear, gratuities, fishing licenses, on-site itinerary modifications, refunds for missed activities due to delayed flights. Services in Buenos Aires.




Fishing Argentina – Multi-day Float Fishing Trip in Patagonia

Here is something a bit different from one of my South American outfitters.

Find some of Argentina’s best Trout fishing while floating unspoiled rivers in solitude. Anglers fish from comfortable drift boats and by wading the shores and gravel bars. Dries and nymphs produce the majority of Rainbows and Browns, while streamers land usually the biggest Brown Trout. Thirty-fifty fish days are common.

Each trip is supported by a baggage boat rowed by our camp crew. Every 2 anglers will share a 4 man tent and sleep comfortably on cots and air mattresses. Each morning, breakfast includes eggs to order, fresh fruit, cereals, yogurt, juice and coffee. At lunch and dinner we dine on appetizers, grilled meats, fresh salads, pastas, fresh baked breads and dessert. Of course, we serve plenty of delicious wines and cold beer. The camp crew makes camp each day and completes daily chores. Your only job is to fish, eat, drink and sleep. With no daily drives to and from the river, you can spend every waking hour on the water.

On these trips, anglers will maximize their fishing time, all the while enjoying fine meals, evening campfires, a helpful staff and the beauty of wild Patagonia.

Trip Basics
Location: Patagonia, Argentina Number of Nights: 4 When: Nov 1-April 31
Angler-Guide Ratio: 2:1
Trip: 1 night 4 star hotel –Bariloche, 3 nights camping/floating/fishing on the Caleufu or Collon Cura Rivers.
Type of fishing: Rainbow & Brown Trout in big and medium rivers
Rates per angler:
2 Anglers: $2500
4 Anglers: $2250
6 Anglers: $2125

Included: One hotel night, all necessary camping equipment, meals, beer/wine/spirits, guided fishing on the river, one dinner in Bariloche restaurant, ground transportation in Patagonia.

Not included: Air travel and related costs, rental gear, gratuities, fishing licenses, on-site itinerary modifications, refunds for missed activities due to delayed flights. Services in Buenos Aires.




Whitetail Deer Hunt Saskatchewan

My outfitter in Saskatchewan has some openings to fill on his Whitetail Deer hunt. Once considered the mecca for free range bruiser whitetail, Saskatchewan has been overlooked for the past few years.

The big Whitetail deer are still there, we have openings throughout the year if you are interested. The area is over 60,000 acres and is home to some big deer. This is Indian land and one of the big benefits of the hunt is the multi species license. With their license you are not limited to just whitetail. On license you are allowed one of anything that walks in front of your stand. You can also purchase and additional license to keep hunting if you choose. License covers one: whitetail, elk, mule deer, moose, bear, bison, wolf or caribou.

The Whitetail hunts are 6 days long and include food, lodging, transportation, heated blinds, airport pickup and trophy prep. The hunt is $5,000 plus license of $500. You can take additional species if you purchase additional tags at $1,500 each.

There is a $1,000 penalty however if you take a Whitetail smaller than 140″.

I am heading up for a hunt this year as well as Steve Scott will be in camp filming for one of his TV shows. We have some openings if anyone wants to join that week as well. We will be in camp the third week of November.

Pickup and drop off will be from Saskatoon airport.

Let me know if you are interested.


Moose Hunt British Columbia Cancellation

One of my outfitters had two hunters back out on a hunt and he is trying to get it sold. He would prefer 2 hunters at the same time but he can make it work for 2 independent hunts.

Regular Price: 13,850.00 USD 1×1 *All Inclusive of: Hunt, First Species, Float Charter, Hunting License, Moose and Wolf Tags, HPF Fund, All Taxes.

**Not Included Caribou Tag 257.50 + Trophy Fee on Second Species 5850.00.

Clients required to get to Dease Lake British Columbia, they will fly USA to Vancouver BC and connect through to Smithers BC and then overnight and come up to Dease Lake BC on NT Air an overnight is also required in Smithers BC on the return.

This is a Great Moose Hunt along with an opportunity to also take an excellent Mountain Caribou. We have had historic 100% success from this Camp.

Cancellation Price 8650.00 USD *All Inclusive of: Hunt, First Species, Float Charter, Hunting License, Moose and Wolf Tags, HPF Fund, All Taxes.

**Not Included Caribou Tag 257.50 + Trophy Fee on Second Species 5850.00.

Hunt Dates October 4th-14th.

Hunters must be in Smithers BC on October 2nd in order to fly to Dease Lake BC on the morning of the 3rd. Returning Dease Lake BC – Smithers BC on the 15th October.

Clients will be flown directly into the Lake where Camp is located. the first night in camp there will be an overlap of a few hunters before they depart.

As they are being flown into Camp on the 3rd they will actually get a Hunting day (4th) that would normally be a travel day.



Elk Hunt New Mexico

My outfitter in New Mexico just leased a new ranch in unit 7B, the ranch is privately held and just over 12,000 acres. The area has not been hunted in 2 years. One one side it is bordered by an Indian reservation that does little hunting and on the other side it is bordered by a government owned are that also does very little hunting.

The lodge is an old bunkhouse, nice and clean, but rustic. meals and guiding are included in the price of the 5 day hunt as well as the trophy fee for one bull elk. the largest elk ever taken off the ranch was by a previous owner and it scored 340″. That is exceptional and I would expect to see bulls in the 280-300″ range as more of a norm.

I have 4 openings for bow season and 4 openings for rifle season. I do expect to see some good numbers on the ranch as well some nice elk taken this year.

Hunts are 5 long, bow hunts start Sept 16, rifle hunts can be done from late October through the end of the season in Dec. Minimum 2x hunters.

Hunts are $4,500 plus NM tax and license cost $569.


Leopard Hunt Special

I have an outfitter in Namibia with a leftover tag and short notice Leopard hunt. He is willing to make someone a great deal for the Leopard hunt if you can make the dates work.

He is a very small operator and only hunts his personal ground. His area is 12,000 hectares not far from Windhoek. There is a good Leopard population in the area, but its always a tough hunt. If you put in the time and work hard, I’m confident you can up the odds of getting one.

The hunt is baited and is 14 days long. Pre-baiting is included in the price. Additional baits may be necessary to refresh baits. The outfitter uses only Zebra for bait, hunters can of course take the skin home. Mountain Zebra US$590, Burchells Zebra US$1,170.

He also has a variety of plains game available as well.

He has two openings available in his schedule for the hunt, you can pick whatever 14 days suits your needs to make it work.

03 rd September 2014-21 st September 2014.
29 th September 2014-13 th October 2014.
Possible dates in November, please contact me.

Cost for the hunt is US$7,000, trophy fee for Leopard is uS$3,250
Trophy fee paid only if you take a cat.

Price includes:
Airport pickup
Daily rate
Leopard license and tag

Not included are:
Dip and pack
Namibian CITES US$100
Alcoholic beverages
Additional bait animals
Additional trophy animals




New Mexico Elk and Rut Mule Deer Bow Hunts Available

My outfitter in Northern New Mexico has a couple of openings in his schedule this year for Mule Deer and Elk. The area is 10,000 acres in the middle of a huge very famous ranch. There is a very nice lodge on the ranch with an on staff chef. Of course the hunting is fantastic, with the winter Elk migration running through the property in the fall.

His area is known for trophy Mule Deer and he has two hunts in the rut left for this year. The hunts can be taken in November- December. While this is not the cheapest hunt it is a fantastic one. This is one of the best areas for Mule Deer in North America. 5 day Mule Deer hunt is $13,000 PP plus tax and license.

The Elk ranch is near Chama, New Mexico and has some fantastic Elk hunting there. We have 4 bow hunting openings available and the 5 day hunt can be taken anytime from Sept 1-15. We expect to see some great bulls taken off the ranch this year. $12,500 PP plus tag and tax.

Please email me for additional details on this New Mexico Elk and rut Mule Deer bow hunts available.




Cougar Hunts in Utah

My outfitter in Utah, has space available for this year’s hunts if you are looking for a great Cougar at a good price, then this maybe the hunt for you.

He hunts the South East corner of the state and has been 100% for the past 8 years on cats. The hunt is done with dogs. If you have never hunted behind hounds it is fun and exciting. The 5 day hunt includes meals lodging, guide fee, and one Cougar. The hunt is $5,000 +UT tax 7%, license and tag runs about $400.

Let me know if you are interested in this Cougar hunt in Utah.





Moose Hunt Cancellation British Columbia

One of my British Columbia outfitters, just wrote with a cancellation hunt in one of his best areas for Moose. 2 spots open for a Moose hunt that has traditionally been his best area for big bulls.

Hunt dates are Oct 4th – 14th, 2 spots available, the lodging will be a permanent lodge with showers and beds. A spike camp may be utilized depending on animal movements.

The hunt is all inclusive of: The hunt, Moose trophy fee, hunting license, Moose tag, wolf tag. HPF fund, all taxes and float charter.

$15,200 reduced to $10,500

Hunters are responsible for their flights to Dease lake British Columbia, gun permits, tips, trophy shipping, meat processing and shipment.

The area is 2850 sq miles, only 80 miles from the Yukon border. They credit their proximity to the Yukon as the reason for their success with big bulls.

The area is remote and does take some “getting” to. Hunters fly into Vancouver then onto Smithers, where you will overnight before you fly into Dease lake British Columbia for your final flight into camp, via float plane and then on horses into camp.

The camp holds a max of 3 hunters and on 5 separate occasions we have filled all three Moose tags in a single day. they refer to this as their 3in1 camp. This has been historically a very special camp for rut Moose and we did not Hunt it last year at all. The opportunity is fantastic for the quality of the Hunt and the Bulls.

The former World Record Mountain Caribou was taken very near to this area and we have continued to see excellent bulls here as well. There are years that the Caribou head to the bush during this period.

Regular price for this hunt is $15,200, the hunt is discounted to $10,500 PP, we have two spots open.

Mountain caribou can be added for $5,850 plus tag cost of 267.50, there may e a grizzly bear tag available as well.







Brown Bear Cancellation Hunt

Another of my Alaskan outfitters has a Brown Bear cancellation hunt. This hunt is in 17b and allows for 2 Brown Bears to be taken in the area as well as 2 Black Bears and Wolves. TROPHY FEES ARE INCLUDED.

There are no trophy fees and the hunter would need to arrive in Port Alsworth on the 18th of August and Depart on August 30th. This hunt was purchased by a hunter who is leaving $4000.00 on the table for someone to take advantage of.

License and tags along with travel from Anchorage to my base camp and return is not included. ($1800.00 RT includes 1 night stay in Port Alsworth).

Original Hunt cost $18,500.00.

Cost now is $14,500.







Black Bear Hunt with Hounds in British Columbia

One of my British Columbia outfitters has started running his Black Bear hunts behind hounds. He is one of the best outfitters for Bear in the north country and takes some of the best Bears anywhere. His hunts are 100%. He is a little rough around the edges, but his Bears speak for themselves. This is not the cheapest Bear but it is one of the most productive and exciting hunts around for a big blackie.

Hunt is $4,150 for a 2×1 hunt and $6,950 for a 1×1 hunt, GST 2.5% on hunt price.

2nd Bears are $1,500
License is $210
Bear tags are $210 each
NRHP fund is $210



hunt -black-bear

Free Range Hunting Package in South Africa

One of my outfitters in South Africa has put together a couple of free range hunting package for this year. These hunts are all free range, fair chase hunt on their properties. They run a top shelf outfit and takes some great trophies.

Let me know if you are interested.

Eastern Cape Package
$4,900 1×1
6 days, 7 nights & 6 species: Cape Kudu, Duiker, Impala, Blesbok, Springbok, Baboon

HA Exclusive Package
$7,200 1×1
7 days, 8 nights & 7 species: Cape Kudu, Gemsbok, Duiker, Bushbuck, Impala, Blesbok, Baboon

Kwazulu -Natal Package
$9,900 1×1
7 days, 8 nights, & 6 species: Nyala, Greater Kudu, Bushbuck, Impala, Reedbuck, Baboon

Three Area Package (Durban, Umkomaas, Eastern Cape)
$11,900 1×1
10 days, 11 nights & species: Kudu, Gemsbok, Blesbok, Black Wildebeest, Springbok, Nyala, Bushbuck, Warthog

*Package hunts are not inclusive of RSA VAT tax on Daily rates 14%



hunting-south africa



Great Deal on Tanzania Hunt Cancellation

My outfitter in the Selous Tanzania has had a 21 day hunt cancellation. This hunt on offer is for an 18 day hunt with a 21 day quota, less Elephant. This is a great opportunity to hunt one of the greatest places on the planet. Tanzania will never be cheap, but this is a great deal with a spectacular outfitter.

18 day safari in the Selous, available dates are Oct 15-Nov 1, 2014

Included in the price: Fully furnished safari camp and lodging, meals,Professional PH, vehicles, camp staff, trophy prep.

Animals on quota are Lion, Leopard, Buffalo, Hippo, Croc, Sable, Eland, Kudu, Hyena, Waterbuck, Bushbuck, Reedbuck and all plains game species.

21 day safari is regular priced at $48,300, discounted price is $30,000 plus government fees of $13,500 Charter to camp is $4,400 R/T.

Not included in price: Trophy fees, alcohol, tips, hotels before or after hunt, shipping of trophies home observers.

Please email me for additional details.




Brown Bear Hunt Deal

One of our hunting outfitters just called me with a Brown Bear hunt cancellation. He has been outfitting in Alaska since 1968 and he runs only a few hunters each year. The area is along the Nushagak River 17B, this is a predator control area and is a 2 Brown Bear area. Open dates are Aug. 19 – 30, and Aug. 30 – Sept. 10, 2014.

The 1×1 10 day hunt is discounted from $15,000 to $11,500. It includes guiding lodging and one brown Bear, typical Bears square 8.5-9.5 ft. A second Bear may be taken for $3,500. Wolf and Black Bear bay be taken at n/c as long as you purchaser the license. Accommodations are typical spike camp and the hunt is on foot, spot and stalk.

Additional charges are airfare to anchorage and charter flights to camp $1,450 R/T. plus license $85 and tag $500 per Bear. Outfitter sells license and tags in camp.

This will sell fast if you are interested please let me know ASAP.



Lynx Hunt Canada

One of the neatest animals in North America, these Lynx hunt in Canada are fun and exciting hunts behind hounds for these elusive little critters. The area is just out of Prince George and a beautiful private guide use area. Lynx season is November 15-February 15.

The Lynx hunts are 6 days long and are $4,000 2×1 and $5,000 1×1., plus tag, license and tax and HPF.

Wolf and cougar can be added as well to this hunt.



Wolf Hunt British Columbia

One of my outfitters has some openings for his British Columbia Wolf hunt. The area is near Prince George BC and the Wolf population is getting a little too healthy for his liking. the hunts are 6 days long and shot opportunity is 100%. this is a tough hunt as wolves are very intelligent and elusive and shots can be long. hunters with a comfort level out to 400 have a distinct advantage for this hunt.

Accommodations will be either at his lodge or at a local B&B if you prefer (small up-charge). 6 day hunt is $4,000 2×1 or $5,000 1×1, plus tax, tag, license and HPF fund. January – March are prime Wolf season.

Lynx and Cougar can be added as upgrades if seen.



Buffalo Hunt Tanzania

Tanzania is one of the last great hunting destinations on the planet, it’s exceptional even by African standards. I work with a great outfitter who has some 1 and 2 bull Buffalo hunts available, while Tanzania will never be cheap as the Buffalo prices soar in other countries the cost difference is becoming much less. In addition to the Buffalo there is a small plains game quota available as well. These hunts are done in the Muhesi Concession.

Single Buffalo hunt, DR, govt fees, dip pack, transfer to camp and TF, is $20,100

Duration 10 days
Cost of Hunt 18,100
Trophy Fees Buffalo (first) – 2,500; Buffalo (second) – 3,500

Duration 10 days
Cost of Hunt 16,100
Trophy Fees Buffalo – 2,500

Included in all hunts: Airport pickup, firearm clearance, and transfer to hotel
Import of 1 x firearm
All licenses and government fees

Not included in hunts:
Ammo tax
Any travel cost
hotel stay night of arrival
Trophy fees for animals killed or wounded
Tips for staff
Shipping of trophies out of Africa
Travel Route: International airfare to Arusha, Tanzania approximately $2,800
Round trip road transfer approximately$1,500
Private air charter if applicable



Bird Hunting in Bolivia

Bolivia has become a fantastic destination for wing-shooters, the shorter flight and the numerous birds make it a great getaway. The season is still going strong and runs through November. The number of birds in the air is astronomical, but unlike Argentina the birds lay down during the warmer part of the day, making for a great time to take a siesta. While Bolivia is home to both dove and pigeon populations, we do tend to shoot more pigeon in the area.

3 Day hunts are just $2,065 and 4 day hunts are $2,750. Shotgun shells are $14.00 per box, and gun entry is $50 USD or gun rental $65 per day. Bolivian Visa is required for entry.




Whitetail Hunt Kansas

One of my Kansas outfitters just called me about left over whitetail tags in his area as well as some openings in his calendar for his Whitetail hunt Kansas. Starting July 1, there will be about 300 extra deer tags for sale in his unit. These are open to out of state hunters. His area is well known for a great deer populations and the early season archery hunts are almost wide open. He has a 6 spots for rifle season as well. These are fully guided hunts based from nice lodge.

Deer in the area average from 140-180, with a few 190+ taken each year. One of my good friends and clients took a 200+” deer there a couple of years ago.

Price includes one trophy deer
6 nights lodging
5 full days hunting
Field care of trophy

Archery hunts are $4,450 + tax and license $425
Rifle hunts are $5,850 + tax and license





Moose Hunt British Columbia

One of my good friends and outfitters has some openings for his British Columbia Moose hunt. The area is just a short drive from Prince George BC and his area has a super high concentration of Moose. His exclusive guide use area encompasses 2,500 square miles of habitat. I hunted there a few years ago and the area was fantastic. We saw a ton of Moose, Bear and Wolf during the trip.

Moose Hunt British Columbia is 10 days and is $6,900 for the 2×1 hunt. Tag, tax, license, HPF fee and royalty will be right at $1,000. 1×1 hunt can be added along with Bear and Wolf as well.



Leopard Hunt Namibia

Hi guys,

One of my Namibian outfitters just wrote and he has gotten a left over Leopard tag for 2014. The hunt is in a great area in the NW part on Namibia, they have taken some great cats in the area over the years. 14 day hunt includes:

14 day Leopard hunt Namibia $9,800
• Full accommodation duration of hunt
• Service of Professional hunter and tracker
• All meals and non-alcoholic drinks
• Transport to and from the area and airport
• Value added tax

Trophy fee only if Leopard taken $6,300

If you book a Safari date before June 2014 $2,800
If you book a Safari date after June 2014 $5,600

• Leopard hunting tag
• Namibian Leopard hunting licenses
• Pre-bait, for duration leading up to the hunt

If you booked before June, hunt including trophy fee would be $18,900



Botswana Cull Hunt

With most of the big game hunting in Botswana now closed there is still plains game hunting available on privately owned farms. One of my hunting outfitters has a huge ranch there and he has a few openings for some cull hunts. Trophy hunts are also available there as well. This is a great opportunity to see a new country and get some shooting in without breaking the bank.

Cull hunts are a minimum of 2 people and 7 days, $2,275 PP.

Wildebeest bulls $250
Wildebeest cows $150
Kudu cows $150
Eland cows $400
Broken horn bulls same price as cows

Daily rates include:
Meeting upon arrival in Maun
Full services of a professional hunter
Full camp staff and services
Meals and local drinks
Daily laundry service.

The following items are Not included in the daily rate:
– Trophy fees
– Gratuities
– Dipping, packing, and shipping of trophies
– Gun permits at $150/gun
– Air charter to camp (optional)
– Shotgun ammunition at $1/round
– Pre or post-hunt hotels
– 12% VAT (trophy fees are exempt)
– Road transfer to and from camp at $300/vehicle
– San cultural dancing
– Bird shooting at $300/week per person
– Botswana ammo tax


Sable Hunt Special South Africa

One of my South African hunting outfitters contacted me with a special on Sable. He is doing a 7 day hunt which included. P/U and return to JNB airport, PH, meals, lodging and Trophy Fee for a mature Sable. Other plains game is available during the hunt as is wing shooting. Accommodations are a nice lodge and the privately owned area is over 10,000 acres. The all in price for the hunt is $9,000. Additional days and species can be added.



Buffalo Hunt Zimbabwe

I have a few Buffalo tags left in one of the premier areas of Zimbabwe. This area is in the far northern part of the country and will require a transfer. The area is 250,000 acres of bush and has a great buffalo population as well as a fantastic camp set right on the river. The outfitter has agreed to leave the prices for the hunt at his 2013 rates. 10 day hunt is $1,275 per day and the Trophy Fee is $4,500.

Let me know if you are interested, this is a great hunt in a fantastic area.




Exotic Hunts Texas Hill Country

For those guys that are not heading over to Africa this year, we have some hunt openings in the Texas Hill Country for exotics. A great way to keep in practice and make it through the summer doldrums, before deer season rolls back around.

These hunts are semi guided and are 3 days long, includes meals, lodging, transportation during the hunt, field prep and trophy fee for one animal; Axis Deer, Fallow Deer, Blackbuck, Sika Deer or Mouflon. Additional animals can be taken for an applicable trophy fee. Price for the hunt is $3,250.

We have access to dozens of ranches and access to just about any species. If there is something you are looking for please let me know.



Buffalo Hunts near Kruger South Africa

My outfitter hunting the Timbavati area near Kruger has already sold out of all his Buffalo permits for this year. He has some openings for 2015 if you are interested. They are hunting a big free range concession near Near Kruger Park. Logistically a very easy hunt, pick up and drop off in Johannesburg included, no charter or additional flights needed. There are some great Buffalo bulls in the area and your chances of taking one are very good. On the hunt he just finished, they saw over 400 bulls in just 4 days and his hunters went home very happy. The 7 day hunt including Trophy Fee, VAT and transfer is $17,500.