Cull Hunt Springbok & Blesbok

I have an outfitter that has an overabundance of Springbok and Blesbok. He needs to bring his numbers down he is offering clients a deal to come over and do some culling.

Lodge is nice, not too fancy, includes food, guide etc.

$300 per day and culls are $200 each. Transfer to airport it $400 each.
No limit on how many you can take.

Please contact me for more details on this cull hunt Springbok & Blesbok.



Amazing Deal on Plains Game Hunting Package South Africa 11 Trophies

There are a lot of great deals going on lately, but here is a great one for this year. The area is up in the Limpopo and the outfitter will transfer and return to Polokwane airport. This a ranch style hunt his concessions are more than 25,000 acres with nice accommodations and great hunting and trophy quality.

Price includes:
Airport pickup and return
7 full hunting days
Trophy prep
Delivery to taxidermist for dip and pack

Trophy fees included
Blue Wildebeest

Add Sable for US$ 5,000

Additional trophies can be taken per price list
Observers $200 per day

US$ 9,250

Please let me know if you are interested, I only have a couple of these available.

Please contact me for more details on this amazing deal on plains game hunting package South Africa 11 trophies.


Amazing Last Minute Deal on Once in a Lifetime Huge Cape Buffalo

This is truly a last minute deal, but you will shoot a monster Buffalo and get to hunt in a place where NO ONE gets to go. This hunt is 100% legal and inside the bounds of a very famous park in RSA. This hunt is a one in a lifetime opportunity to hunt in that park, legally and take a monster bull.

The catch is, it has to be done by OCT 30, 2015. This area has no limit on Buffalo size and the bigger the better realistically a 48″ is possible.

The outfitter has one Buffalo, one Kudu and two Nyala on quota.

The hunt includes, daily rate, Buffalo TF, meals, lodge, PH, trophy preparation.
The all in price for the Buffalo and the hunt is $11,000 USD
Transfer from Polokwane to lodge and return $500 USD
Kudu $1,000 USD
Nyala $1,000 USD

This is a tremendous deal for a chance at a monster Buffalo and the opportunity to legally hunt where no one else has in decades.


Please email me for more details on this amazing last minute deal on once in a lifetime huge Cape Buffalo.


Exportable Elephant and Buffalo Hunt South Africa

One of my South African outfitters has one Elephant and one Buffalo left on quota for this year, the hunt must be done before the end of October. The Elephant is fully exportable.

This is a big area and shares a 30KM river border with a very famous park. Elephant population is very good and there are exceptional numbers of Buffalo big Buffalo in the area, Buffalo up to 48″ have been spotted and the outfitter says hunters will shoot at least a 44″ Buffalo.

The hunt is based form a nice lodge and is 14 days long. Elephant Trophy Fee is based on weight.
60lbs all inclusive $65,000
50 to 59lbs $60,000
Under 50Lbs $55,000
Buffalo trophy fee is $11,000
Elephant license is $1,000 and Buffalo license is $500.

Please email me for more details on this exportable Elephant and Buffalo hunt South Africa.


Buffalo Hunt South Africa APNR Discounted

One of my outfitter who hunts in the APNR has some leftover Buffalo for this year and he would like to make the AH community a special offer.

The area he hunts are mainly Balule and Klaserie, these area have big Buffalo populations and some very good bulls are taken every year. this is a 7 day 1×1 hunt that normally sells for $16,500. Discounted to $13,500 and we will include one observer for free.

Please email me for more details.



Discounted Rhino Hunt

One of my outfitter is offering a discounted Rhino hunt has some old bull Rhino that have had the horn cut off to prevent them being poached. These bulls are past their prime and are being removed from the herds. While Rhino will never be cheap this is a good opportunity to take one at a very discounted price. These are 5 day hunts all inclusive of DR, PH, food lodge etc. $35,000.

Please email me if you are interested in this discounted Rhino Hunt.


Free Range Buffalo Hunts South Africa

One of our hunting outfitters has some free range Buffalo hunts in the Kruger area for sale. He is offering these at a discount rate.

This is a real deal hunt in the Kruger area for old hard bossed Buffalo bulls up to 38″ but if the client sees a big one over the size range and in the age class, they will be allowed to take it.

The price is an all in price including trophy fee daily rate and airport pickup, the outfitter has also agreed to add an observer in at no charge. there is some limited plains game in the area and those can be taken as well for applicable trophy fees, observer is allowed to hunt as well for no additional charge.

1×1 7 day hunt is $15,500 PP
2×1 7 day hunt is $14,500 PP
4×2 7 day hunt is $13,000 PP

This is a quality free range hunt with a well known outfitter in a free range area, this is not a ranch hunt.


Discounted South Africa Leopard Hunt 2015

One of my south African hunting outfitters has a coveted tag available for a Leopard in RSA. South Africa is known for producing some big cats. Hunting pressure is low and cats tend to respond very well to baits.

Fly into and out of Johannesburg for pick up. This is a baited hunt, 14 days long. After you take your Leopard you can go after plains game in the area on a trophy fee basis.

Regular price on this hunt is $28,000, the hunt has been discounted to $22,000 +VAT on DR. Daily rates are $14,000, Leopard Trophy Fee is $8,000.

Leopard trophy fee will be refunded is a cat is not taken.

Outfitter prefers zebra and impala for bait, $700 and 250 respectively. Pre-baiting can be arranged for a nominal cost.

Available dates for the hunt are
11 – 24 May 2015
07 – 20 August 2015

If you are interested please let me know ASAP.


Free Range Hunting in South Africa Special

Hey guys, I have put together a budget hunt for guys wanting to experience low fence, free range hunting in South Africa special. This is also a great time to take advantage of the lower priced airfare we have seen this year.

5 Days 2×1 hunt
Trophy Cape Kudu
Trophy Impala
Trophy Warthog or Springbok
Cull Blesbok
Cull Black Wildebeest
Airport pickup from Port Elizabeth

All inclusive $3800
Additional days and trophies can be added at regular prices.
I am only going to sell a limited number of these please let me know if you are interested.


Discounted Kruger Buffalo Hunt

My outfitter in Kruger has just received an extra Buffalo tag for his area, hunt can be taken between now and march 2015.

The are is 50,000 acres and unfenced all the way to Kruger park. The lodge is a luxury rustic style lodge with private chalets and can be combined with a plains game hunt as well.

Regular price is $19,500, discounted to $17,500.

Includes Buffalo, PH, food, lodge, full camp staff, pick up and return to JNB.
Does not include dip, pack, ship, taxidermy or tips.