Muskox Hunt in Canada with Record Holding Area

Muskox Hunt in Canada Barren Ground with Record Holding Area

Here is one of my specialty hunts that I exclusively book for. You may know the name FRED WEBB. Fred had the #1 area by far for Barren Ground Muskox. All the record books are dominated by Fred Webb or the Kugluktuk area including all the World Records and the majority if not all of the top 10’s in each!

I now work directly with the Community of Kugluktuk and the same people who Fred had working for him. Since I have taken over from Fred 4 years ago the quality of the hunt has remained the same or if not improved. We are still harvesting Boone & Crockett bulls each and every year. This past season was no exception with half the bulls green scoring into the B&C and/or the P&Y record books including one bull that scored into the top 5 of B&C and one Bull scoring into the top 5 of P&Y. There is simply no better place to hunt Barren Ground Muskox PERIOD!

These hunts take place from mid-March to mid-April each spring.
1 hunter with 1 Guide travelling with another hunter and guide.
5.5 days of hunting.
Excellent Bow hunt or Rifle
$ 8500 USD + 5% Federal Tax
$ 52.50 CDN License
$ 157.50 CDN Harvest Fee
$ 1500 USD Approx. Flight cost for Edmonton, Alberta to Kugluktuk and return.

$4000 USD Deposit Required.

Easy to get to from anywhere in USA or Canada.
Arrive in Kugluktuk by Commercial plane and start your hunt immediately.
Limited space available for 2016 hunts.

Please feel free to contact me for more information or to answer any questions.

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