Leopard Hunt in Tanzania

One of my Tanzania hunting outfitters in the Selous has one Leopard hunt license left to sell. He is offering this Leopard hunt in Tanzania including the 21 day species as well. Available dates to start August 12 and October 25.

On license

Lion can be added for $5,000 to the outfitter plus the TF.

Air charter, to camp and return is $4,400.
The 14 day hunt is $25,000 plus Govt fees of $11,700. Making the hunt $36,700
Not included, trophy fees, alcohol, airfare, tips.

Please contact me for more details on this Leopard Hunt in Tanzania.



Deeply Discounted Hunting Deal Tanzania

I have an incredible deal for a discounted hunt in Tanzania, this hunt has been heavily discounted to make sure the dates are filled.

We have two openings available and I don’t expect them to last long.

This is a true African experience in the souls and an incredible value, Tanzania is one of the greatest places on the planet to hunt and the Selous is an unbelievable area.

21 day full bag safari in the Selous, time frames for the hunt are Sept, Oct, Nov. this is a full bag safari and includes the daily rate and government fees. Regular price is $64,400 discounted price is $35,000. Savings of almost $30,000

Safaris fees include
-The service of a Professional Hunter(s) specified in the quotation and the safari crew
including cook, mess steward, trackers, gun bearers, skinners, and general assistants.
-Transport – one hunting vehicle per Professional Hunter and load carrying vehicles for
transporting equipment and crew to and from the hunting areas.
-Full tentage including insect and snake-proof sleeping tents with en-suite flushing toilet
and shower.
-Full camp equipment including beds with comfortable mattresses, solar lighting, mess
and kitchen equipment, utensils, refrigerator, and freezer.
-Fresh and canned foods of the best quality available, including fresh fruits and
vegetables. Special requirements catered for as far as possible.
-Medicine chest including snakebite serum and malaria tablets.
-Skinning and preservation of trophies in the field.
-A company representative to assist you on arrival and departure.
-The use of a high frequency two-way radio.

Not included
-Government trophy fees (See Trophy Fees).
-The cost of alcoholic drinks, beer, and tobacco.
-Air charter to and from the hunting areas and commercial travel to and from Tanzania.
-Hotel accommodation before and after the safari.
-The cost of transporting equipment and personnel to places beyond our concessions.
-Gratuities to staff and Professional Hunters.
-Airfreight of trophies from Tanzania to final destination.
-Any extra Tourist temporary firearms import duty and license @ US $250.00 per gun.
-Faxes or phone calls made on behalf of the clients.

Road transfer to camp is $1,500
Air charter round trip $4,400

Available quota for the hunt
Baboon 1 on license $ 170
Buffalo 1st 1 on license $2,500.00
Buffalo 2nd 1 on license $2,600.00
Buffalo 3rd 1 on license $2,800.00
Bushbuck 1 on license $750
Bushpig 1 on license $500
Civet 1 on license $300
Crocodile 1 on license $2,300.00
Duiker, common and red 1 on license $ 350
Eland, east African 1 on license $ 2,300.00
Elephant 1 on license $9,500.00
Hartebeest Liechtenstein 2 on license $800
Hippopotamus 1 on license $2,500.00
Hyena, spotted 1 on license $600
Impala, Southern 2 on license $ 490
Jackal silver back 1 on license $300
Klipspringer 1 on license $1,400.00
Kudu greater 1 on license $2,900.00
Leopard 1 on license $4,700.00
Lion 1 on license $7,000.00
Oribi 2 on license $350
Reedbuck 2 on license $ 550
Sable 1 on license $3,300.00
Suni 1 on license $300
Warthog 1 on license $550
Waterbuck 2 on license $1,200
Wildebeest Nyassa 2 on license $900
Zebra 2 on license $1,500.00

Elephants of 15 Kgs (33 lbs) to 27Kgs (60lbs) $ 9,500.00, Elephants 27Kgs to
32 Kgs (70lbs) $ 15,000.00 and Elephants over 32 Kgs $ 25,000.00.

Please contact me with any questions.



Tanzania Buffalo Hunt Special 2015

With Buffalo prices around Africa continuing to rise, there are still a few good deals to be had. My outfitter in Tanzania is offering a Tanzania Buffalo hunt special 2015 package for AH members. While Tanzania will never be cheap, the option to take 2 Buffalo on one safari does make it much more attractive. Especially with the cost of a single buff hunt in Zimbabwe right at $18,000.

The area is in the Selous and has not been hunted for many years, price includes: All inclusive wilderness luxury tented camp, 3 course dinner, butler, daily laundry, experienced staff and some of the best PH’s in the business.

The hunt is 10 days and includes all the government fees, transfer and import of 1x rifle. There is also some limited PG available on quota as well, PG is on a TF basis.

10 day 1x Buffalo included $19,000, second Buffalo can be added for $7,000 USD.

Prices do not include additional trophy fees, export of trophies, or tips.



Great Deal on Tanzania Hunt Cancellation

My outfitter in the Selous Tanzania has had a 21 day hunt cancellation. This hunt on offer is for an 18 day hunt with a 21 day quota, less Elephant. This is a great opportunity to hunt one of the greatest places on the planet. Tanzania will never be cheap, but this is a great deal with a spectacular outfitter.

18 day safari in the Selous, available dates are Oct 15-Nov 1, 2014

Included in the price: Fully furnished safari camp and lodging, meals,Professional PH, vehicles, camp staff, trophy prep.

Animals on quota are Lion, Leopard, Buffalo, Hippo, Croc, Sable, Eland, Kudu, Hyena, Waterbuck, Bushbuck, Reedbuck and all plains game species.

21 day safari is regular priced at $48,300, discounted price is $30,000 plus government fees of $13,500 Charter to camp is $4,400 R/T.

Not included in price: Trophy fees, alcohol, tips, hotels before or after hunt, shipping of trophies home observers.

Please email me for additional details.




Buffalo Hunt Tanzania

Tanzania is one of the last great hunting destinations on the planet, it’s exceptional even by African standards. I work with a great outfitter who has some 1 and 2 bull Buffalo hunts available, while Tanzania will never be cheap as the Buffalo prices soar in other countries the cost difference is becoming much less. In addition to the Buffalo there is a small plains game quota available as well. These hunts are done in the Muhesi Concession.

Single Buffalo hunt, DR, govt fees, dip pack, transfer to camp and TF, is $20,100

Duration 10 days
Cost of Hunt 18,100
Trophy Fees Buffalo (first) – 2,500; Buffalo (second) – 3,500

Duration 10 days
Cost of Hunt 16,100
Trophy Fees Buffalo – 2,500

Included in all hunts: Airport pickup, firearm clearance, and transfer to hotel
Import of 1 x firearm
All licenses and government fees

Not included in hunts:
Ammo tax
Any travel cost
hotel stay night of arrival
Trophy fees for animals killed or wounded
Tips for staff
Shipping of trophies out of Africa
Travel Route: International airfare to Arusha, Tanzania approximately $2,800
Round trip road transfer approximately$1,500
Private air charter if applicable



Tanzania Hunt Last Minute Opening Available

Tanzania hunt last minute opening available , 14 days Sept 1-14, 2013.

Available species on quota: 1 leopard, 2 buffalo, 1 waterbuck, 1 hartebeest, 1 wildebeest, 1 warthog, 1 reedbuck, 1 impala, 1 duiker, there may be additional quota for sable as well.

1×1 14 day hunt is US$23,800, government royalties and fees are US$11,900 and includes two rifle import permits.

Trophy fees, tips, alcohol and charter flight (US$4,100) are not included.



Tanzania Leopard Buffalo Cancellation Hunt

One of our clients has just had to cancel his Tanzania hunt for Leopard Buffalo for this year. This is short notice on the hunt, but a great opportunity if you have ever dreamed of hunting the Selous. The special hunt is for a 16 day Leopard/Buffalo, full bag plains game hunt for 1 hunter and 1 observer.

Normally cats are only allowed on a 21 day license, the rate for a hunter and observer would be US$49,875 (plus government fees of $13,750 and extras). The cancellation price for the 16 day Leopard hunt is US$20,000 (plus government fees US$13,750 and extras) $29,000+ Discount.

Hunt Dates are July 25-August 9, 2013 (Arrive into Dar Es Salaam on July 24 and depart August 10, 2013)

Additional fees:
Return air charter to Selous US$4200 (this last years rates and is subject to change)
Observer Government Royalty US$1600
Observer concession fee US$800
Import license for two rifles @ US$250 per gun US$500
Deposit on Game fees US$15,000

Not included:
Trophy fees for animals killed or wounded, any before/after hunt expenses, alcoholic beverages, dipping/packing ($2,800), firearm permits ($250/rifle), shipping, domestic air transport ($4,000 RT), government concession fees/license ($13,690) and gratuities.

The setting of this hunt is the Selous Game Reserve. It is uninhabited and devoted solely to wildlife management. The hunting safari will be based from a solar powered, luxury camp with en-suite tents and stewards, waiters, porters, skinners, trackers, drivers and a cook on hand ensure an authentic African experience.

Safari includes accommodations, meals, 1×1 guide service and field prep. Additional hunters or observers are welcome per outfitter’s current price list.

Clients can take:
1 Leopard US$4500
1 Sable antelope US$3100
2 Buffalo 1st US$2500, 2nd US$2600
1 Bushbuck US$700
1 Bushpig US$500
1 Duiker US$350
1 Hartebeest US$750
1 Hyena US$600
1 Baboon US$170
1 Crocodile US$2100
1 Reedbuck US$550
1 Wildebeest US$800
1 Waterbuck US$1200
1 Zebra US$1500
1 Warthog US$550
1 Civet cat $300