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Current Specials

Saskatchewan Whitetail Hunt Discounted Again

Just got off the phone with the outfitter and he is really pushing to fill his remaining spots this year. He still has the week of thanksgiving open and I still have room for one more following week I will be in camp. He also has a few opening later in the season as well. Last week of November and the first week of December are prime weeks and it should be a great hunt. To help fill his … [Read More...]

Discounted Cougar Hunt Utah

Hi guys, I have a new hunting outfitter in Utah who is trying to get some business going this year. He is doing running his Utah hound hunts at a discount to bring in some clients for this seasons and he is offering some very good prices to fill his calendar. The outfitter is a long time hounds man and dog trainer. Pick up and return is from Salt lake city, the are is outside of Price, … [Read More...]

Alberta Mule Deer Hunt Cancellation

One of my Canadian hunting outfitters just had a cancellation hunt for the week of thanksgiving (November 23-28, 2015) for Mule Deer. The outfitter has a great area and take some very nice Mule Deer. He just had a group cancel for the thanksgiving week. This is a prime week for big Mulies. The outfitter operates just out Calgary on 70,000 acres of private property and has a high success rate on … [Read More...]

Saskatchewan Whitetail Hunt Discount Cancellation

Just had a group of 4 cancel their Saskatchewan Whitetail Hunts scheduled for thanksgiving week. The hunting outfitter has offered to discount the hunt to get somebody booked in. This is a prime week, obviously the US thanksgiving does make it difficult for us here in the States but if you can get away, its a great deal. Normal price is $5,000 plus tag $500, he did give me special pricing for … [Read More...]

Late 2015 Season Leopard Hunt Namibia

One of my hunting outfitters has one last tag for sale and he is offering it as cheap as he can. The hunt is 7 days long plus arrival and departure, this is a baited hunt, he has been baiting and there are cats on bait (see pics). Leopard hunt, trophy fee, PH, food, lodge, airport pick up and return and bait is included $10,000 if no cat taken there is a $2,000 refund. Season ends the … [Read More...]

Night Vision and Thermal Pig Hunts

In my spare time, which of course is so abundant, I own and operate another company that runs night vision/thermal Pig hunts and helicopter hunts near Houston Texas. In another thread we were talking about night vision and thermal equipment and I thought, I would offer it here to see if anyone is interested. This year has been a great year for Pigs and we have had some big nights. Our … [Read More...]

Amazing Last Minute Deal on Once in a Lifetime Huge Cape Buffalo

This is truly a last minute deal, but you will shoot a monster Buffalo and get to hunt in a place where NO ONE gets to go. This hunt is 100% legal and inside the bounds of a very famous park in RSA. This hunt is a one in a lifetime opportunity to hunt in that park, legally and take a monster bull. The catch is, it has to be done by OCT 30, 2015. This area has no limit on Buffalo size and the … [Read More...]

Discounted New Zealand Hunts

One of my hunting outfitters in New Zealand has some availability for next year. He is offering some discounted prices to fill a few more days. Fly into and out of Christchurch, meals, lodging, guide, fee and trophy fees included. Spectacular lodge in one of the most beautiful countries on earth. Package Hunt 2:1 6 days 2x1 all-inclusive accommodation, meals, beverages (wine & beer), … [Read More...]

Incredible Deal Leopard Hunt in Namibia

My best Leopard hunting outfitter has one late season Leopard tag and he is offering it at an unbelievable price to sell it quick. The Leopard hunt is 14 days long, 2 travel days plus 12 hunting days, per-baiting and baits included as well as the trophy fee. Their track record on baited hunts is second to none and they have been 100% this year on big cats. The price for this deal is $15,000 … [Read More...]

Exportable Elephant and Buffalo Hunt South Africa

One of my South African outfitters has one Elephant and one Buffalo left on quota for this year, the hunt must be done before the end of October. The Elephant is fully exportable. This is a big area and shares a 30KM river border with a very famous park. Elephant population is very good and there are exceptional numbers of Buffalo big Buffalo in the area, Buffalo up to 48" have been spotted and … [Read More...]

Deer Hunt Saskatchewan Canada Discounted

I'll be going to Saskatchewan again this year in search of a big free range Whitetail or Mule Deer. My outfitter up north hunts a huge area of native land that boasts a very healthy population of Deer. The accommodations are very nice and based from a local bed and breakfast. He has picked up some new ground that has not been hunted in over 10 years, so we should see some nice Deer come out of … [Read More...]

Buffalo Hunt South Africa APNR Discounted

One of my outfitter who hunts in the APNR has some leftover Buffalo for this year and he would like to make the AH community a special offer. The area he hunts are mainly Balule and Klaserie, these area have big Buffalo populations and some very good bulls are taken every year. this is a 7 day 1x1 hunt that normally sells for $16,500. Discounted to $13,500 and we will include one observer for … [Read More...]

Discounted Leopard Hunt Namibia

My outfitter near Grootfontein, Namibia has a Leopard tag available and he is offering an all inclusive hunt package for this year. The hunt is 14 days long, plus travel days on either end. includes, daily rate, PH, staff, meals, lodging, bait animals, license, tag and VAT. Reduced from $16,000 to $14,000, if a Leopard is not taken the trophy fee of $4,000 is refundable. Plains game can be … [Read More...]

Namibia Leopard Hunt

My hunting outfitter near Grootfontein in Namibia has a Leopard tag available and he is offering an all inclusive hunt package for this year. This Namibia Leopard Hunt is 14 days long, plus travel days on either end. includes, daily rate, PH, staff, meals, lodging, bait animals, license, tag and VAT. The all in price is $16,000, if a Leopard is not taken the trophy fee of $6,000 is … [Read More...]