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It's EASY with one phone call to cut through the indecision and risk of booking your next hunting trip. We will handle all of the details for your hunting, bowhunting, wing shooting, fishing and outdoor adventures from his full service office in Houston, Texas.

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There are so many destinations and hunting outfitters to choose from, it's an unnecessary daunting and time consuming task for you to sort through it all. It's hard to know who you can trust, let alone handling all of the details once you've decided where to go. Give us a call to help you make it EASY for you to have a great hunt!

Current Specials


New Brunswick Canada Spring or Fall Black Bear Hunt 2x Bears Included

I have a great outfitter based in New Brunswick Canada and my good friend Steve Scott just got back from a fantastic hunt for black bear. The outfitters area is huge, encompassing hundreds of square miles of bush. The hunt is based from a very nice bed and breakfast, meals and lodging are included as well as the trophy fee for two bears. The area has a very healthy population of big bears, while … [Read More...]


Deeply Discounted Hunting Deal Tanzania

I have an incredible deal for a discounted hunt in Tanzania, this hunt has been heavily discounted to make sure the dates are filled. We have two openings available and I don't expect them to last long. This is a true African experience in the souls and an incredible value, Tanzania is one of the greatest places on the planet to hunt and the Selous is an unbelievable area. 21 day full bag … [Read More...]


Discounted Buffalo Hunt Zimbabwe

One of my hunting outfitter has three late season Buffalo left if anyone wants to take advantage of the deal. Fly into Bulawayo or Harare for P/U (Bulawayo is preferred) but either can be accommodated. The private conservancy is 24,000 acres. These discounted Buffalo hunt Zimbabwe are 7 days and all in priced with the trophy fee $12,000. Dates available are between August 15 and October … [Read More...]


Discounted Rhino Hunt

One of my outfitter is offering a discounted Rhino hunt has some old bull Rhino that have had the horn cut off to prevent them being poached. These bulls are past their prime and are being removed from the herds. While Rhino will never be cheap this is a good opportunity to take one at a very discounted price. These are 5 day hunts all inclusive of DR, PH, food lodge etc. $35,000. Please email … [Read More...]


Package Hunt Namibia

I have an outfitter in Namibia who is running a couple specials this season which he is offering on his 22,000 acre ranch. 1 package - 1 hunter 5 days, pick any 4 animals from the list $6,000 2 package - 1 hunter 7 days, pick any 6 animals from the list $8,000 Packages include food, lodge, meals, pick up and return from Windhoek. Species available are: Eland Kudu Burchell's Plain … [Read More...]


Brown Bear Hunt Alaska Peninsula

One of my Alaska hunting outfitter has two Brown Bear hunts available on the Alaskan peninsula. These hunts are $14,000 each and are 10 days long, Brown Bears in this area averge 8-8.5 foot. The hunt is fully guided and includes meals, lodging, guides, trophy prep and any flying once the client is in camp. Additional cost would be charter to camp $750 from king salmon, license and tag. Dates … [Read More...]


Exportable Elephant Hunt in Namibia

One of my outfitters in the Caprivi has a a cancellation hunt for an exportable bull Elephant. The Elephant hunt is for this year and the dates available are: 25 July to 10 Aug, 13 Aug to 10 Sept, 13 October to 5 November. The area is 28,700 HA and is primarily made up of a floodplain with tall grass in the drier months. The average for the area is 48# but for guys that are willing to put in the … [Read More...]


Muskox Hunt in Canada with Record Holding Area

Muskox Hunt in Canada Barren Ground with Record Holding Area Here is one of my specialty hunts that I exclusively book for. You may know the name FRED WEBB. Fred had the #1 area by far for Barren Ground Muskox. All the record books are dominated by Fred Webb or the Kugluktuk area including all the World Records and the majority if not all of the top 10's in each! I now work directly with the … [Read More...]


Cull Hunts Botswana

With most of the big game hunting in Botswana now closed there is still plains game hunting available on privately owned farms. One of my hunting outfitters has a huge ranch there and he has a few openings for some cull hunts. Trophy hunts are also available there as well. This is a great opportunity to see a new country and get some shooting in without breaking the bank. Cull hunts are a … [Read More...]


Discounted Alaskan Arctic Grizzly Hunt North Slope

Here is a great deal on a Discounted Alaskan Arctic Grizzly hunt North Slope. It is with a very reputable outfitter whom I have worked with for over 20 years and have had great success. Regular Hunt cost is $16,500 USD Pick-up point is Anaktuvuk Pass via Fairbanks, AK You will be met by the outfitter in Anaktuvuk Pass, Alaska and taken on a short charter flight to the camp where you will meet … [Read More...]


Black Bear Hunt Canada Big Discount Cancellation

Just had a couple guys drop out on a hunt with their deposits paid. This is a 2x1 hunt for big Black Bear with dogs. Dates for the hunt are May 25-31, fly in on the 24th and out on the 31st or on the 1st, Kamloops British Columbia. We need two hunters to make it work, great father son hunt. The outfitter has a great reputation for taking big Bears and 100% success rate. Regular price is … [Read More...]

Leopard Hunt Discounted Namibia

My best Namibian Leopard hunting outfitter has a couple of tags left and he is trying to finish out his calendar. Regular price on the 14 day hunt is $21,685, he is offering these hunts at $18,200, including trophy fee. The hunt includes: Pick up and return to Windhoek PH lodging and meals full staff 6 bait animals pre-baiting leopard trophy fee all licenses transport to … [Read More...]


Free Range Buffalo Hunts South Africa

One of our hunting outfitters has some free range Buffalo hunts in the Kruger area for sale. He is offering these at a discount rate. This is a real deal hunt in the Kruger area for old hard bossed Buffalo bulls up to 38" but if the client sees a big one over the size range and in the age class, they will be allowed to take it. The price is an all in price including trophy fee daily rate and … [Read More...]


Ssese Island Sitatunga Hunt and Nile Buffalo Hunt Uganda

My hunting outfitter in Uganda has a couple of tags left in his area for Ssese Island Sitatunga and Nile Buffalo. He is offering some special pricing for these hunts to try and fill them. He has 2 spots available for Ssese Island Sitatunga, 10 day hunts $1500 per day and $5,000 trophy fee for the Sitatunga, making the hunt $20,000, regular price is $25,000. license permit etc are $2,050. He … [Read More...]