Amazing Deal At A Rare Leopard Hunting Opportunity

My outfitter has a acquired a rare take for one mature Leopard in the Waterberg Park in Namibia. There is a chance in the area to take a true monster, the park has an extremely large population of cats and hunting pressure has been nearly zero for the past few years.

The outfitter is a very well known and accomplished PH, guiding dangerous game hunts for many years. He is a good friend and a very accomplished PH, I would not hesitate to do this hunt personally.

Available months for this Leopard hunt are August, October and November.

The Leopard hunt is all in 14 days, pick up and return, baits, meals, lodge guide, license tag, ect.
Not included is airfare, tips, alcohol, dip/pack and shipping.

Plains game is available as will some additional quota in the park if you are interested.
The lodge is a nice comfortable lodge, but not super fancy.

The hunt is priced at $19,000 all in. Refund is $8,000 if Leopard not taken.

Please contact me for more details on this amazing deal at a rare Leopard hunting opportunity.