Moose Hunt Canada Saskatchewan

One of my hunting outfitter in Canada is looking for a couple hunters to fill out his Moose hunts in September. The Moose hunt is a mix of spot and stalk as well as still hunting and some calling. The 1×1 hunt is based from a nice lodge and the area has good Moose numbers. Not big Moose, average is 45-50″. But it is a quality hunt and for the price tough to beat. The hunt dates should coincide with the rut. If you’ve never hunted moose in the rut, its pretty exciting and there is nothing like a love struck 1,000 lb animal charging in for a kiss.

All in price for the 6 day hunt is $4,500 including license, food, lodge and pick up in Saskatoon. We have the last 2 weeks of September open for the hunt.

Please contact me for more details on this Moose hunt Canada Saskatchewan.