Cancellation Brown Bear Hunt

Just had a client cancel their Brown Bear hunt and forfeit the deposit. The area is out of Port Alsworth, Alaska and this is a 2×1 Fall Brown Bear hunt. This is a predator control area and the state is trying to reduce Bear numbers in the area. During the 10 day hunt you are allowed to take 2 Brown Bears and 5 Black Bears, no additional trophy fees for taking extra bears. Hunters will need to fly into Anchorage then charter to camp, charter is $1,500 PP. The camp is a tented camp with cots and fresh food. Hunters should be in reasonably good shape for the trip.

Dates for the hunt are August 20-30 in 2016, these dates coincide with the salmon run and berry season.

The 10 day hunt with all Bears included is $12,500 reduced to $10,500 PP plus charter $1,500, license and tags.

Please contact me for more details on this cancellation Brown Bear hunt.