“Jerome, I just wanted to let you know that Melissa and I had a fantastic time on the hunt you organized for us. On the flight over, I told my wife I was a bit concerned that I had been looking forward to the trip for so long and had built it up in my mind so much that I hoped I was not disappointed. It seems impossible, but the experience not only met my expectations but greatly exceeded them. I was so enthralled with the country, the animals, the birds, etc. that I think I was on sensory overload for the first few days at least. Our PH was not only a super hunter but he was a great host and it was very enjoyable to spend time with him even the long quiet hours in the leopard blind. The rest of the staff was also super. Melissa said she always felt welcome, even while out hunting. My first animal was a zebra (on the second day) and I made a poor shot and was pretty discouraged when we had not found it after several hours, but our PH and the trackers stayed with it. We recovered it late in the day, it was an amazing tracking job. I would have been devastated if I had wounded and lost my first African animal. Their persistence was not only the proper ethical hunting thing to do, but also made the day thrilling rather than a bitter disappointment. As we discussed on the phone, the leopard was not completely cooperative but Andries our PH changed the strategy a bit and I took it on the sixth day of my hunt. Of course the leopard is a great trophy, and the impala and warthog (which I was initially not too interested in, but had a chance for an exceptional animal and I am now very happy I took it) I think are far better than average and my remaining animals I consider very good trophy quality. I still can’t believe I took the seven animals in 11 days and had the 12th day to do a little wing shooting for sand grouse, which was a kick. Despite the initial uncertainties in getting the Etosha trip set up, it worked out great and was another highlight of the trip. I have been home less than a week and am already trying to figure out when and how I can return to Africa. Thanks again!!”
Paul Brisso, California, USA