Incredible Deal Leopard Hunt in Namibia

My best Leopard hunting outfitter has one late season Leopard tag and he is offering it at an unbelievable price to sell it quick.

The Leopard hunt is 14 days long, 2 travel days plus 12 hunting days, per-baiting and baits included as well as the trophy fee. Their track record on baited hunts is second to none and they have been 100% this year on big cats.

The price for this deal is $15,000 USD and we have till the end of the season to do it (November 30, 2015).

The 2016 price of this hunt is almost US$25,000.

This is an incredible opportunity for someone wanting to get a big cat without breaking the bank. Its also a chance to hunt with one of the best Leopard hunting outfitter on the continent, bar none.

Please email me for more details on this incredible deal Leopard hunt in Namibia.

Look at some of the 2015 Leopards below…