Cull Hunt Springbok & Blesbok

I have an outfitter that has an overabundance of Springbok and Blesbok. He needs to bring his numbers down he is offering clients a deal to come over and do some culling.

Lodge is nice, not too fancy, includes food, guide etc.

$300 per day and culls are $200 each. Transfer to airport it $400 each.
No limit on how many you can take.

Please contact me for more details on this cull hunt Springbok & Blesbok.



Amazing Deal on Plains Game Hunting Package South Africa 11 Trophies

There are a lot of great deals going on lately, but here is a great one for this year. The area is up in the Limpopo and the outfitter will transfer and return to Polokwane airport. This a ranch style hunt his concessions are more than 25,000 acres with nice accommodations and great hunting and trophy quality.

Price includes:
Airport pickup and return
7 full hunting days
Trophy prep
Delivery to taxidermist for dip and pack

Trophy fees included
Blue Wildebeest

Add Sable for US$ 5,000

Additional trophies can be taken per price list
Observers $200 per day

US$ 9,250

Please let me know if you are interested, I only have a couple of these available.

Please contact me for more details on this amazing deal on plains game hunting package South Africa 11 trophies.


Scimitar Oryx Hunt Texas

Hi Guys,

One of my ranchers has some monster Scimitar Oryx that he wants to move. These animals are in prime condition and since they are in Texas you can take the venison home with you. Hunt is 3 days long, meals. lodge, guide and trophy fee included $6,000 all in for the hunt.

He has Gemsbok and Addax on the ranch for an additional trophy fee.

The ranch is located near Uvalde, Texas and is 2,500 acres, he is averaging over 40″ on his Scimitar.

Let me know if you are interested these are great summer hunts.

Please email me for more details on this Scimitar Oryx hunt Texas.





Water Buffalo Hunt Argentina

With everything going on in Africa I was thinking about something different but still fun and affordable.
I work with a great outfitter in Argentina that does free range Water Buffalo hunts. Its a great way to break out the big guns have some fun without breaking your bank account on the hunt or the flight. Lost of additional animals available as well.
Ranch is located in Santa Rosa Argentina, 5 day hunt 2 water buffalo included $6,500.
Hunt includes airport pickup, lodge, meals, guide, trophy prep and trophy fees.
Not included hunting license, airport transfer, hotels if needed, gun import.

Please email me for more details on this Water Buffalo hunt Argentina.



hunt-water-buffalo water-buffalo-hunt

Alaska Brown Bear Hunt

One of my outfitters in Alaska has a special offer in his area out of Port Alsworth for a 2×1 Fall Brown Bear hunt. This is a predator control area and the state is trying to reduce bear numbers in the area. During the 10 day hunt you are allowed to take 2 brown Bears and 5 black Bears, no additional trophy fees for taking extra bears. Hunters will need to fly into Anchorage then charter to camp, charter is $1,500. The camp is a tented camp with cots and fresh food. Hunters should be in reasonably good shape for the trip.

Dates for the hunt are August 20-30 both in 2016 and 2017, these dates coincide with the salmon run and berry season.

The 10 day hunt with all Bears included is $12,500 plus charter $1,500, license and tags.

I have room for 2 this year (2016) and 2 next year (2017) as well as one spot for a 1×1 hunt in 2017 for $18,500.

Please email me for more details on this Alaska Brown Bear Hunt.



Saskatchewan Whitetail Hunt Discounted Again

Just got off the phone with the outfitter and he is really pushing to fill his remaining spots this year. He still has the week of thanksgiving open and I still have room for one more following week I will be in camp. He also has a few opening later in the season as well.

Last week of November and the first week of December are prime weeks and it should be a great hunt. To help fill his remaining spots he has agreed to discount the hunt to $3,000 including the tag to fill his remaining spots.

Hunt includes: airport pick up, meals, lodging, guiding, trophy prep as well as one tag, hunters can take whitetail, moose, elk, mule deer or wolf. You can always purchase an additional tag and take another animal if you choose. additional tag is $700.

Please email me for more details on this Saskatchewan Whitetail hunt discounted again.


Discounted Cougar Hunt Utah

Hi guys,

I have a new hunting outfitter in Utah who is trying to get some business going this year. He is doing running his Utah hound hunts at a discount to bring in some clients for this seasons and he is offering some very good prices to fill his calendar. The outfitter is a long time hounds man and dog trainer.

Pick up and return is from Salt lake city, the are is outside of Price, Utah. The area is all privately owned property and the outfitter has exclusive rights to hunt.

The hunt is 5 days arrive Sunday depart Saturday.

The hunt is $3,000 and includes pick up and return,meals, guide, hounds and trophy preparation.

Does not include hotel stay +/- $65 per night, license is $285 and tag is $65.

Please email me for more details on this discounted Cougar hunt Utah.


Alberta Mule Deer Hunt Cancellation

One of my Canadian hunting outfitters just had a cancellation hunt for the week of thanksgiving (November 23-28, 2015) for Mule Deer. The outfitter has a great area and take some very nice Mule Deer. He just had a group cancel for the thanksgiving week. This is a prime week for big Mulies. The outfitter operates just out Calgary on 70,000 acres of private property and has a high success rate on Deer. His average is 180″ with several in the 190-200″ category taken each year. Hunt is based from a lodge and it is not a physically demanding hunt.

Let me know if you are interested the hunt is $5,500 plus $450 license and tag.
Pick up and return to Calgary is included, as are meals, lodging, guiding, field prep and trophy fee.

I have a client in camp this week, and he took a nice deer on the second day.

Please email me for more details on this Alberta Mule Deer hunt cancellation.



Saskatchewan Whitetail Hunt Discount Cancellation

Just had a group of 4 cancel their Saskatchewan Whitetail Hunts scheduled for thanksgiving week. The hunting outfitter has offered to discount the hunt to get somebody booked in. This is a prime week, obviously the US thanksgiving does make it difficult for us here in the States but if you can get away, its a great deal.

Normal price is $5,000 plus tag $500, he did give me special pricing for AH members, but he has discounted this hunt further to $3,500 with the tag included.

This is a prime week in the rut and there should be plenty of action. This is reservation land and your tag is good for your choice of either Whitetail, Mule Deer, Elk, Moose, or Wolf. then you can purchase an additional tag if you would like and keep hunting.

The outfitter aslo has a few open spots this season and is willing to deal on those as well.

Please email me for more details on this Saskatchewan Whitetail hunt discount cancellation.


Late 2015 Season Leopard Hunt Namibia

One of my hunting outfitters has one last tag for sale and he is offering it as cheap as he can.

The hunt is 7 days long plus arrival and departure, this is a baited hunt, he has been baiting and there are cats on bait (see pics).

Leopard hunt, trophy fee, PH, food, lodge, airport pick up and return and bait is included $10,000

if no cat taken there is a $2,000 refund.

Season ends the last of November, if you are interested let me know ASAP.

Please email me for more details on this late 2015 season Leopard hunt Namibia.