Package Hunt Namibia

I have an outfitter in Namibia who is running a couple specials this season which he is offering on his 22,000 acre ranch.

1 package – 1 hunter 5 days, pick any 4 animals from the list $6,000
2 package – 1 hunter 7 days, pick any 6 animals from the list $8,000

Packages include food, lodge, meals, pick up and return from Windhoek.

Species available are:
Burchell’s Plain Zebra
Hartmann’s Mountain Zebra
Common Duiker
Blue Wildebeest

Please email me with any questions.





Exportable Elephant Hunt in Namibia

One of my outfitters in the Caprivi has a a cancellation hunt for an exportable bull Elephant. The Elephant hunt is for this year and the dates available are: 25 July to 10 Aug, 13 Aug to 10 Sept, 13 October to 5 November. The area is 28,700 HA and is primarily made up of a floodplain with tall grass in the drier months. The average for the area is 48# but for guys that are willing to put in the effort and hunt hard bigger bulls are there and there is NO SIZE LIMIT on bulls. If you take a 90# then that is great, no extra charge.

The hunt is 14 days plus arrival and departure day, all in for the hunt $45,000. Airfare, shipping and taxidermy, not included.

If the Elephant hunt is taken late season, there will probably be a Buffalo available $7,500
Other game available
Hippo $4000
Kudu $1500
Zebra $1500
Wildebeest $900
Duiker and Warthog $400
On the odd chance that He has a Leopard tag left, it can be added at $ 5000 if hunted successful.
Roan and Sable, at $9000 each.

Please email me for additional details.


Leopard Hunt Discounted Namibia

My best Namibian Leopard hunting outfitter has a couple of tags left and he is trying to finish out his calendar.

Regular price on the 14 day hunt is $21,685, he is offering these hunts at $18,200, including trophy fee.

The hunt includes:
Pick up and return to Windhoek
lodging and meals
full staff
6 bait animals
leopard trophy fee
all licenses
transport to taxidermist.

Not included:
additional bait animals if needed
additional trophies if desired
dip and pack.

This is a great hunt and one of the best cat guys in Namibia, his success rate is phenomenal. Let me know if you are interested.


End of Season Deal on Exportable Bull Elephant Hunt Namibia

Well this may be the last of the affordable Elephant hunts, with TZ and Zim still not allowed to export to the USA, I really expect prices will continue to rise.

10 day bull Elephant hunt, the area is in the Caprivi strip and the Elephant is exportable to the USA if you are so inclined. The outfitter expects to take a mature bull between the 40-60 pound range.

The are has a good Elephant population and success rate should be excellent. Cost for the hunt is $29,000 USD, if an Elephant is not taken you will be refunded the trophy fee of $22,500.

Additional animals available of TF basis
Hippo $ 4000
Crocodile $ 4000
Letchwe $ 4000
Kudu $ 1250
Zebra $ 1250
Blue Wildebeest $900
Impala $ 400
Warthog/Duiker $ 250

The price and the hunt is available through the end of November, if you are interested please let me know.



Last Minute Leopard Hunting Deal in Namibia

We have one Leopard tag available with a top notch outfitter. There is some flexibility on the dates and the season runs till the end of November.

The outfitter is running baits already and has cats hitting those baits. He has been running these baits for a while now and the cats seem to be content.

I get more calls for last minute Leopard hunts, this is the one to take advantage of.

The area is almost 1/2 million acres located near the Waterburg national park. This are is well known for its large Leopard population as well as some big cats come out of this region. This is a fantastic area and a rare opportunity to have an available tag, even more so at a discounted price.

This is a package and includes everything, Pick up and return to airport, PH, Staff, food lodging, license, tag, trophy fees, baits and pre-baiting.

It does not include, alcohol, any taxidermy fees, firearm rentals or ammo or additional trophy fees.


The second and third pics are from just a couple of days ago.
While I can never guarantee a hunt, I think this one should be nearly a slam dunk. Please let me know ASAP.





Leopard Hunt Special

I have an outfitter in Namibia with a leftover tag and short notice Leopard hunt. He is willing to make someone a great deal for the Leopard hunt if you can make the dates work.

He is a very small operator and only hunts his personal ground. His area is 12,000 hectares not far from Windhoek. There is a good Leopard population in the area, but its always a tough hunt. If you put in the time and work hard, I’m confident you can up the odds of getting one.

The hunt is baited and is 14 days long. Pre-baiting is included in the price. Additional baits may be necessary to refresh baits. The outfitter uses only Zebra for bait, hunters can of course take the skin home. Mountain Zebra US$590, Burchells Zebra US$1,170.

He also has a variety of plains game available as well.

He has two openings available in his schedule for the hunt, you can pick whatever 14 days suits your needs to make it work.

03 rd September 2014-21 st September 2014.
29 th September 2014-13 th October 2014.
Possible dates in November, please contact me.

Cost for the hunt is US$7,000, trophy fee for Leopard is uS$3,250
Trophy fee paid only if you take a cat.

Price includes:
Airport pickup
Daily rate
Leopard license and tag

Not included are:
Dip and pack
Namibian CITES US$100
Alcoholic beverages
Additional bait animals
Additional trophy animals




Leopard Hunt Namibia

Hi guys,

One of my Namibian outfitters just wrote and he has gotten a left over Leopard tag for 2014. The hunt is in a great area in the NW part on Namibia, they have taken some great cats in the area over the years. 14 day hunt includes:

14 day Leopard hunt Namibia $9,800
• Full accommodation duration of hunt
• Service of Professional hunter and tracker
• All meals and non-alcoholic drinks
• Transport to and from the area and airport
• Value added tax

Trophy fee only if Leopard taken $6,300

If you book a Safari date before June 2014 $2,800
If you book a Safari date after June 2014 $5,600

• Leopard hunting tag
• Namibian Leopard hunting licenses
• Pre-bait, for duration leading up to the hunt

If you booked before June, hunt including trophy fee would be $18,900



Leopard Hunt Namibia

One of my Namibian outfitters has an open date for next month for a Leopard hunt. The hunt is all inclusive with trophy fee. The only additional expenses would be tips, additional bait animals if needed (6 are included) and additional trophy fees. Hunt is 14 days, he is 100% on cats and runs a top notch camp. Arrive and depart from Windhoek. 14 day hunt is $21,685.

The outfitter keeps baits running all the time to bring in and hold cats in the area. These two cats were taken at dusk on the same day within 1/2 hour of each other.

If you are interested in this Leopard Hunt Namibia, please let me know ASAP.



Hunt Special Namibia

Hi guys,

One of my Namibian outfitters has a hunt special going right now for 2 person. This area is a privately owned farm SE of Windhoek, low volume and low pressure hunting area, family owned and operated. The lodge is a nice atmosphere for kids and wives.

The hunt special Namibia is for 2x people 7 days $9,100 ($4,550 PP)
2 trophy springbok
2 non-trophy springbok
2 Gemsbok
2 Blesbok
2 Warthog
2 Steenbok
package Includes: accommodations, meals, laundry services, soft drinks, transport to and from the airport, field preparation of trophies, government tax. Tips and additional trophy fees extra.