Spring Black Bear Hunt Canada

One of my Canadian outfitters has some openings for his Spring Black Bear hunts left. He has beautiful lodge just out of Prince George, his exclusive guide area is 2,500 square miles with an excellent Black Bear population including a good number of color phase Bears. Beautiful scenery and home cooked meals make this one of my favorite places to visit, the owner and his wife are great friends and they have done a great job taking care of the clients we have sent hem over the years.

Cost on this Spring Black Bear Hunt Canada is a bit higher due to the fact they are fully guided true spot and stalk hunts, not baited hunts.

Season runs from May 1- June 15, bow hunters are welcome and usually get in several stalks a day.

These 7 day 2×1 hunts are $4,000 plus license, tag, tax and royalty a second Bear may be taken for $2,000 ($1,000 for the hunt and $1,000 for the trophy fee).